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Carteret County NC Technology Information Resources Discussions

Discussions centered on information resources and technology in Carteret County NC communities of Morehead City, Beaufort, Newport, Harkers Island, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle.

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Discussions we’re hoping to see using the no registration comments form below can include information on Internet Service Providers (ISP) offering DSL and cable services, companies offering business class phone and Internet services, companies that specialize in web design and custom web programming, places where public WI-FI connections can be found, resources on jobs related to technology in Carteret County NC, education opportunities within area high schools and at Carteret Community College, and anything else related to this topic.

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Our organization strongly believes that existing local businesses will need to start using advanced Internet marketing and web development in order to compete with new businesses moving in to the area as the Interstate 42 corridor nears completion, and that technology will rapidly advance due to Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point expansion.

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Local Internet And Business Technology Development

Considering the Interstate 42 project and our local area opening up to a wider audience, and more business competition being attracted to the area, as a local business owner how will you change your marketing strategies to be more competitive? Will e-commerce be built in to your existing business?

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What can you tell us about local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the area offering reliable and good pricing on cable and DSL Internet access?

Which companies offer business class phone services and other resources for small, medium, and large businesses?

Presently, at local Carteret schools and at Carteret Community College, what programs and continuing education courses are available to students? Considering the rapidly evolving and dynamic cybersecurity threat impacting businesses in North Carolina, what types of jobs and education for these jobs do you foresee being developed locally?

Considering military expansion at Cherry Point, Camp Lejeune, and even at local Coast Guard bases in Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle, how will technology advancement shape new jobs and infrastructure locally?

How could new growth, development, innovation, and advancement in this area impact weather forecast during hurricane season?

What are some potential skilled labor jobs which could open up widely in the area due to new fiber optic cables and other data cables needing to be layed to meet demands of a new population and businesses?

In recent years, we became aware of two companies locally who were trying to open up WI-FI services blanketing most of the county, what is the latest development in this area?

How will you be using e-commerce to advance your small business innovation?

How could innovation impact healthcare at the hospital in Morehead City? What new access to greater healthcare technology for local residents is just around the corner?

Because our area beaches, barrier islands, and waterways are so important to county residents and the commercial fishing industry, we must focus on environmental concerns while also considering infrastructure advancement. Considering information and data, what do we need to focus on to protect our local natural resources and ecosystems?

Now it’s your turn, what are some other topics you want to talk about as it relates to Carteret County technology in North Carolina? What needs to be added to this article? Use the form below and talk with us.

Michael Sharp

Native of Carteret County NC, Father to Makayla and Savannah. You can add me on Facebook. Interest include web development, encryption, and other technologies.

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