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Carteret County Power Outages For July 16 2019, Lights Reported To Be Flickering In Morehead City.

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11:40pm update: Carteret-Craven electric is reporting 7,500 were affected by outages related to a damaged lightning arrestor in their Broad Creek substation

July 16, 2019: Residents in Carteret County NC are reporting power outages in Cape Carteret and along Highway 24 in Newport. There may be other areas affected as well be we can not confirm it at this point. The author of this article did notice that his lights in Morehead City flickered for about 5 minutes about an hour before people started reporting outages in Newport.

However, it’s important to note that Carteret-Craven EMC is the likely provider for electricity in that area of Newport while Duke energy is the provider in downtown Morehead City.

There are no reports yet from officials on why these power outages are occurring but it is likely related to high energy usage related to the overwhelming heat putting a strain on the system.

If your area is being affected, please contact us. We will also update this once we receive official comment from officials.

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