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Carteret County Schools Funding And Budget NC – Board Of Education Discussions

This is a discussion forum centered on Carteret County NC schools funding and budget issues, along with board of education insights for local parents, teachers, administrators, and residents interested in local education.

The mission of this article is simple. Why does Carteret County NC keep having school funding and budget issues consistently? And, what can be done about it? Initially, this article will focus on the upcoming 2020 / 2021 fiscal school year.

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February 4, 2020: At the monthly Carteret County Board of Education meeting, several parents and administrators met with board members and discussed their concerns about the local education budget. Concerns centered around funding and budgeting for the 2020 / 2021 school year, hiring of minority teachers, Marine Science and Technologies Early College High School (MaST) funding, the Academically and Intellectually Gifted students program and the need for AIG teachers, and the need to address upgrades to other existing schools.

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Note: The process for getting an approved budget is as follows: The board of education adopts a budget request and sends the document to the county manager by the end of March. The county manager then recommends a budget to county commissioners who must approve a county budget for education by June 30th which is the end of the fiscal year.


What is going on in Carteret County that is causing administrators, board members, and county commissioners having to address funding and budgeting issues every year for the past several years?

Are other schools in the state having these same issues?

Is the issue related to money at the state level with the house of representatives and senate, or this this more of a local government conflict?

While I hope it’s not, is this related to local politics where central figures from the political left and political right are so caught up in their ideologies that nothing can get done?

What are the exact core issues that keeps causing issues each year?

My Concerns

  1. Our local teachers, administrators, and support staff in the schools are clearly doing their jobs given our recent awards at the state level. If this issue is not resolved quickly, then we are going to 1) Start losing teachers and 2) Be unable to recruit new teachers and staff.
  2. I recently read in an article that several schools in the county have issues related to mold and mildew, and have other repair issues that I am assuming is from Hurricanes Florence and Dorian. If we can’t fix mold and mildew, or get repairs to school facilities, what are we looking at when I-42 comes on-board fully and we have to start building new schools, significantly upgrading existing schools, along with building new infrastructure like bridges, major road improvements, and support technology and health infrastructure?
  3. There seems to be a disconnect between tourism officials and local government officials. If you recall, tourism officials are steadily working to recruit a new workforce in to the area that will be needed when I-42 nears completion. How are we going to ask people to relocate to the area and for other entities to invest in the area if we can’t get schools fixed and funded?

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Michael Sharp

Native of Carteret County NC, Father to Makayla and Savannah. You can add me on Facebook. Interest include web development, encryption, and other technologies.

One thought on “Carteret County Schools Funding And Budget NC – Board Of Education Discussions

  • February 7, 2020 at 10:50 pm

    The issue here is very aggressive partisan politics. Each side is bent on agitating and blaming the other side while actively working to undermine their political opponents.

    None of the Commissioners, board members, administrators, and even most parents and teachers are thinking about meeting in the middle right now for a solution.

    But you are right, if we can’t even fund MaST, what are we going to do when the so called new population gets here and we need 3 new schools, 10 schools added on to, a new hospital, roads, bridges, etc…

    Not a good time in Carteret County right now and I am not sure why either side of the political spectrum thinks that anyone will want to invest and move to live here.


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