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Carteret County Seeks Public Comments On Home Elevation And Structure Lifting Grant In NC

Carteret County NC officials are asking for public comments and feedback on a grant that could fund home elevation and structure lifting about flood levels in the local area. Officials say they are asking for the feedback by Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

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County officials have also submitted an application asking for almost $24 million dollars from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help fund this project.

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Additionally, the county website has information about a Community Development Block Grant which gives details on a local push to raise properties above flood levels using grant money.

Local officials have dubbed this the “Carteret County Elevation Project.”

Under this proposed project, all finished floors on homes and structures would be elevated or lifted above the baseline flood elevation with free board to reduce damage from flooding situations.

Furthermore, the information on the county website lists more than 12 locations in the local community that could fall under this project. If you are interested in seeing these locations, please call County Planner Gregory Hartman at (252) 728-8545 who is running the public comment feedback request.

Carteret County NC is available to receive higher grant funding from FEMA due to the 2018 and 2019 damage from Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Dorian under the Pamlico Sound Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Again, if you have any questions about grant money to elevate homes or lifting structures, or want to see the locations where this project encompasses, please call Mr. Hartman at (252) 728-8545.

To submit public comments, you can email gregg.hartman [AT] carteretcountync [DOT] gov or submit postal mail to:

County Planner
Attn Gregory Hartman
302 Courthouse Square
Beaufort, NC 28516


Using the comment section below, what are your initial thoughts on this mitigation plan for flooding in the county?

As a homeowner, would you take advantage of this grant and why? What are some reasons that you may opt out of the plan?

Do you believe after Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Dorian, that all homes built in the county, especially those in flood areas, should be elevated as a requirement? If no, why not?

If any home builder, engineer, or other expert happens across this article, what are the specific steps to lift a structure such as a home that is already built versus new construction?

Is there a mitigation plan for manufactured homes or mobile homes?

Does lifting or elevation change a home’s value on the real estate market?

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