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Carteret County Social Media Networking in NC – Changing The Business And Personal Landscape

This is an article asking for public feedback on whether Carteret County NC needs it’s own dedicated social media networking platform for business and personal use.

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On the grounds that:

  • County businesses and other organizations are at the mercy of big technology sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Instagram, and other sites who can control what not and what is seen by followers.
  • Local organizations and small businesses now being forced to pay to promote engagement so that all followers can see news, announcements, posts, discussions and marketing.
  • Big tech sites becoming so big that news feeds at the personal user level is filled with irrelevant advertising, and not all posts from friends and family are being seen because of irrelevant data being injected into a user feed.
  • Local businesses and organizations have very little opportunity to stand out or control what followers see given the size of big technology sites.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and other social networking sites that county residents and businesses are using are harvesting and selling personal data to outside influence.


Local Information

Is it time for a local social platform that is dedicated and controlled by a local Carteret County entity that area businesses and individuals can use to promote growth, development, tourism, and networking without control by big technology companies in California?

I envision a local social site that individuals can use to maintain photo albums, have personal profiles they control, news feeds, private messaging, tagging, groups, and all features you normally find on Facebook and Twitter, but where users can see ALL posts made by followers either at the business level or personal level without the need to pay to have posts seen by everyone.

I envision a site that is free of outside 3rd party advertising and forced viewing of irrelevant sites and information that clogs up news feeds.

I envision a site where a local entity does no user tracking and harvesting of personal data and is in the businesses of providing a safe place for local individuals to enjoy full social networking potential, and who can see all business and organization news, posts, and announcements that they choose to follow or like.

Personally, I hate the idea of building property on land owned by someone else. As it stands now, big technology sites like Facebook and Twitter have control on what users see and don’t see on the network depending on how much organizations want to pay to be seen.

Does it not make more sense for local area businesses, organizations, and users to develop a online social platform that is about the local area and all that this area offers? A site where local interests have a common desire to network around a common goal of local issues that can’t be controlled by big technology?

With all this in mind, please use the comment form below and let us know if you think local businesses, organizations, and individuals will benefit from a local social platform built by locals, for locals, and promoting local interest.

Is it possible for residents in Morehead City, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, Harkers Island, Emerald Isle, and Newport to break free from Facebook and Twitter? Or, do you think users will still use the bigger platforms and then network locally once they have friends and family migrate to the local site?

From a business marketing standpoint, does it make sense to operate on a smaller network of only local users, or does it make more sense to be on a global platform even if a 3rd party has control of how much consumers see?

Do you want local government to control this type of site, or a private group of local Carteret County NC technology leaders to build this type of site?

As a local business owner or executive of a local organization, do you mind that Facebook, Twitter, and other sites have significant control on if and when your products, services, or interest are seen?

As a personal user, are you concerned about privacy, personal data issues, or being forced to see advertising and agendas by people from who knows where?

Is this enough to help you migrate to a county based social platform?

Do local organizations, businesses, and other entities not realize that all of their infrastructure is being built on land owned and controlled by other people?

Summation: NC technology, Carteret County business, personal social media and networking, local development for local engagement, privacy, and data collection.

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Michael Sharp

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