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Drug Addiction In Cartertet County NC? What Are The Treatment Resources?

This is a public information and request for information article on what can be done about the drug addiction epidemic in Carteret County NC which is affecting many residents, families, and area resources. What are the treatment options and opportunities for substance abuse? Using the comment form at the end of this article, let us know your thoughts. We are particularly interested in hearing from those that are currently battling addiction, family members of those facing this epidemic, and professionals who are on the front line of this issue in the treatment arena.

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Latest News

This section is maintained for the latest addiction information in the county.

April 2020 – Carteret Health Care and local government noted that from February to April 2020, there was a significant uptick in overdose related emergencies at the local Emergency Room and local authorities are relating mental health issues related to Coronavirus as being a catalyst for these overdose emergencies. This is a reminder that both RHA Mobile Crisis at 1-844-709-4097 or Integrated Family Services at 1-866-437-1821 can be reached 24 hours a day if you are in crisis.

The State of North Carolina Health And Human Services has issued the following information on the rate of unintentional overdose deaths by county.

2018 overdose in Carteret County NC



Carteret County information

2019 Update: This article was written a year and a half ago and we wanted to update to see if anything has changed in the county. When we wrote this resource, Fentanyl was just being introduced locally while methamphetamine (Crystal Meth) was the big problem along with Heroin.


Has Fentanyl taken a foothold in the county and how have treatment options changed as it relates to this street drug?

Other than law enforcement, what have Carteret County officials done to curtail the use and abuse of street drugs life Heroin, Fentanyl, and Meth?

Questions we want answered using the form below

Currently in the communities of Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, and other areas, what treatment options are there in dealing with substance abuse? What community resources are available? Is the fix to this issue both a professional treatment (inpatient/outpatient) and community support one?

Are there community based programs like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Carteret County NC, and if so, where are these meetings held? What is the locations of these meetings and what times are they held?

What are the psychological and medical options available to treat drug addiction and substance abuse in the county? What do people who have no health insurance (or people who have insurance but their plan does not pay for these services) do?

Are there any inpatient, day programs, or closely monitored outpatient programs in the area? What programs exist for family members and spouses who are affected by this epidemic?

What are the medical options for treatment in Morehead City, Beaufort, Newport, or Atlantic Beach? What about for areas down east in Harkers Island or in the westernmost part of our county in Cape Carteret and Emerald Isle?

Are we focusing too heavily on law enforcement and incarceration efforts with drug users who are not dealing? Is incarceration just adding fire to this problem with stigmatization and inability to gain employment after being jailed or imprisoned?

What are the differences in treatment modalities when dealing with heroin addiction and other narcotics as opposed to abused prescription medications like Adderall and Xanax (Benzodiazepines)?

What community based and professional 24 hour / 7 day a week crisis response opportunities are there in Carteret County NC for those persons and families affected by drug addiction in the county? How do people get help? What are you doing to help yourself? How are you helping a family member, child, or spouse? What educational opportunities are there?

SamHSA Helpline.

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5 thoughts on “Drug Addiction In Cartertet County NC? What Are The Treatment Resources?

  • August 5, 2019 at 11:24 pm

    Coastal Coalition For Substance Abuse Prevention covers Carteret County 252-649-1615

  • May 19, 2019 at 8:04 am

    The Carteret County Health Department will offer free overdose prevention training on May 30, 2019 from 5:30 pm till 7:30 pm at The Bridge Downeast in Harkers Island NC.

    I understand the topics covered will be 1) How to recognize the signs and symptoms of an overdose and 2) Where to find Naloxone in the community and how to properly deliver this life saving medication.

  • January 13, 2019 at 11:38 am

    To others reading this, does it seem like substance abuse and addiction here in Carteret County seem more prevalent than other locations in Eastern NC?

  • December 2, 2018 at 3:41 am

    Addiction in our county seems especially bad and I won’t pretend to know why. I just hope area leaders in the health care industry, law enforcement, treatment specialist, and others can come together and figure it out. We have lost too many people to overdose deaths and children and families are now being broken because of this epidemic.

  • October 17, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    Carteret County drug addiction is starting to affect a lot of areas you may not consider: 1) Social services 2) The children in schools 3) Public health 4) Money for the jail 5) Homelessness 6) Increased crime


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