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Cash For Used Cars In Jacksonville NC And Onslow County

Who offers cash for used cars in Onslow County NC and Jacksonville? The owner of this website pays cash for quality used cars in the Jacksonville NC and Onslow County communities of Hubert, Swansboro, Sneads Ferry, Richlands, and Topsail.

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To apply for cash, please use the contact form in the menu, or the no registration form located at the bottom to ask detailed questions about this program. Additionally, if you’re interested in our bad credit buy here pay here program, then we encourage you to read more about that service at our dealership financing page.

Why do you pay? In order for us to sell cars, we need inventory. Typically, we buy vehicles from all over the state, but have to pay to have them shipped to us. Finding local cars, SUVs, and trucks saves us money and allows to the pay top dollar for vehicles. We need your automobile as bad as you need to sell.

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Do I have to buy? No, we pay cash regardless of whether you buy a car, SUV, crossover, or truck from us.

Can you help if I still owe money on the vehicle? In some cases, we can work a deal on used cars, trucks, and SUVs where the owner is upside down.

Do you accept any vehicle? We do not accept clunkers and what some people call junk vehicles because our goal is to turn around and sell them. The cost to get junk and clunkers fixed up can many times be more than what we can sell them for after being fixed.

Again, this program is open to sellers from Sneads Ferry, Hubert, Swansboro, Topsail, Richlands, and other communities. And, we do work with servicemembers within the United States Marine Corps, Coast Guard, And Navy.

Details On Cash For Cars In Onslow County NC And Jacksonville

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Generally speaking, we’re looking for cars, trucks, SUV, and crossovers which are 2009 or newer, and have under 140,000 miles. For some makes and models, we can make exceptions. We’re looking for quality pre-owned used vehicles and not interested in vehicles which have major damage, shot transmission, cracked heads, busted pistons, valves, and rings, and blown header gaskets.

Furthermore, and again generally speaking, we want used automobiles which are paid off, but for some makes and models we can pay cash to owners who are upside down.

How do I get started? Go to our CONTACT US form and send us your location, the year, make and model, color of the car, truck, or SUV, a VIN number, mileage, features, and a statement on body damage and interior damage. Within the hour, we will email you and request pictures.

If we still want to move forward, we’ll need to physically see the vehicle. All offers for cash will be contingent on physically seeing the vehicle.

Lastly, this offer is valid for all residents, servicemembers, and military connected families at Camp Lejeune, New River Air Station, and supporting installations in Jacksonville NC and Onslow County.

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