Assessment On Lost Revenue In 2020 From The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

September 2020

While it’s likely the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic hurt all small businesses in the state significantly, there is little debate that companies in rural tourism dependent areas along the NC coast and mountain regions were hit especially hard.

Now that the 2020 tourism season is over and business owners and managers have clear assessment data in their hands relating to lost revenue, we are interested in hearing from owners on just how bad it is, and what the outlook is for staying in business.

How did local, state, and federal incentives help, and will it be enough to keep you going? What are some unique ways that you found to at least keep some revenue in place over your local tourism season?

What industries were hardest hit and which faired pretty well?

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Business Counseling Services To Help With Startup COVID-19 Resources, Marketing, Bookkeeping, And Financing Options

August 17, 2020

Have you ever used any business counseling services like the one Carteret Community College offers to help jump start your corporation?

How did these services help you locally, or if you are a corporation serving the needs of customers regionally, statewide, or internationally, how did these services help you?

We are especially interested in hearing about Internet Marketing plans, business web design, Internet advertising, and using mobile apps to engage current and new customers.

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New Report Shows Skilled Trades To Dominate Jobs

July 2020

A new report by economic development officials shows that there is an abundance of skilled trades jobs in Carteret County NC that need filing and no doubt this is being driven by the new Interstate 42 project along with growth and development at Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune.

Organizations and businesses like Mechworks, the Carteret County Home Builders Association, and Jarrett Bay are saying they have considerable opportunities for skilled workers and as we move closer to completion of the new interstate, that demand is only going to grow.

Residential and commercial construction trades are also expected to boom very shortly.

Let’s discuss this on our article about the topic of skilled trades and business locally.

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Morehead City NC Announces Small Business Emergency Loans After Coronavirus

April 2020

The Town of Morehead City NC has announced small business emergency loans limited to businesses located in the municipality city limits and for those who have 25 employees or less and are being affected by the Coronavirus.


Short-term loans up to $5000 to help pay up to two months’ rent or mortgage/interest payments.

The Town of Morehead City also announced that the town has allocated $300,000 towards the program and participating businesses selected have 3 years to pay back the emergency loans. Small business owners in this Carteret County community can also seize upon having no payments for the first 12 months of the loan and there is no penalty to pay the balance off early.

Please call 252.726.6848 ext. 110 Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m and note that the first round of applications will end April 28, 2020.

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Are You Thinking About Better Web Design And Internet Marketing After Coronavirus, And Hurricanes Dorian And Florence?

April 17, 2020

After hurricanes Florence and Dorian, and now the novel COVID-19 Coronavirus, are you a business owner in Carteret County NC that is at least considering better web design and Internet marketing for your business if you are one that has a product that can be sold online?

Click on the article title and let’s discuss this.

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Local County Business Discussions Related To The COVID-19 Coronavirus

April 6, 2020

While Carteret County businesses in NC are no stranger to disasters in the way of hurricane and tropical storms which have the potential to disrupt small businesses every few years, we believe the current situation related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is an event that nobody in the country has ever experienced.

As it stands now, this event has the potential to shut down tourism and visitor travel to the county extending out to July or August which would effectively cause local small businesses to miss an entire year of sales and growth.

By clicking the title and using our discussion form, we are interested in hearing from employees, business owners, and other that work within the tourism industry here in Carteret County NC to tell us about local, state, and federal programs that are aimed at helping local companies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Specifically, we are interested in hearing about how directly this event is affecting your business, how long you believe it will take to rebound from this event, and what innovative and unique ways you deployed to continue to do business in the county.

What specific programs are active right now to help local companies and employees who may be laid off from work?

After this event, what needs to be in place to help mitigate future issues if there is another major national disaster or pandemic like the Coronavirus?

As a business owner or someone who deals with business development in Carteret County, has the COVID-19 pandemic spurred any new thoughts on ways that local tourism dependent companies have survive if there is a future event like this one?

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Parker Boats In Carteret County NC Announces Business Expansion – Adding New 10,000 Square Foot Facility And 30 Jobs

January 2020

Parker Boats of Carteret County NC announced a new business expansion to their already popular boat building facility on Highway 101 in Beaufort NC.

The company announced that they are adding an additional 10,000 square foot new facility to their already 225,000 square foot manufacturing plant.

This new facility will allow Parker Boats to expand it’s current model line of boats, to improve enhancements to current models, and to improve production workflow.

The company said that it’s new facility will be completed by late June and would add an additional 25-30 jobs in the county.

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What Does Business Technology Look Like In The Future For The County?

December 31, 2019

We created this category a little over a year and a half ago and populated it with some post related to internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media usage, and modern web design for Carteret County NC business interest.

Focusing on the latest news regarding the announcement of Cherry Point expanding, Interstate 42 moving along, the Havelock Bypass breaking ground, and the information contained in the article below this one, we wanted to again invite readers, business owners, and economic partners to click on the title link and start talking to us about the future as it relates to marketing, e-commerce, growth and development, JOBS, pay, new workers, new physical technologies, and Internet technologies.

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Carteret County Social Media Networking in NC – Changing The Business And Personal Landscape

Carteret County business impacts from local government or a private entity building a local social media platform dedicated to personal use, tourism, networking, and marketing without big tech influence, tracking, and forced irrelevant advertising viewing.

Is it time for this to happen for local communities?

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Small Business Saturday Gears Up To Help Local Retailers In The County

November 2019 News

Small business Saturday is a local Carteret County initiative to help local retailers thrive during the holiday season and to celebrate local owners who live and promote our local communities.

Readers are encouraged to click on the title of this article and use the comment form at the bottom to discuss local efforts around this initiative.

Several local organizations are helping to distribute promotional materials to help out the shop local scene.

Small business Saturday is now in it’s 10th year locally, and organizations like Downtown Morehead City, Inc and the small business center at the local community college are helping to get the word out.

It is important to remember that as we move closer and closer to the Interstate 42 corridor completion, our local small business owners will see increased internet marketing, web design, and other marketing efforts geared towards local consumers.

In an effort to help keep local dollars in our community, we see this initiative as a great thing to support.

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New Business Startup Announcements For Local Communities In The County

If you are a new business startup in the county, then we welcome you to the local area and hope you will click on the title link and tell us about your business mission, which community you are located in, and other information about your startup.

Be sure to tell us your physical location in Carteret County NC, hours of operation, website link, and what industry you are in.

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Havelock Bypass Announced: Get Ready For Economic Boom In Carteret County. What Are The Implications For Business Startup?

In August 2019, the NCDOT announced that a Havelock bypass to future Interstate 42 is set to begin construction in September and a completion date set for Spring 2024. The importance of this new bypass is striking for area small businesses and what the future holds for the county.

We are starting a discussion thread on what a new startup might want to look at along with discussing things like is now a good time to start a business? How are things going to change for your marketing and advertising endeavors once big brand names start seeking out consumers from afar?

How much more of an importance will technology become and will small companies in Carteret County NC be forced in to using social media, blogging, SEO, and other consumer engagement that big brands are using 24 hours a day?

If you are a local company, of what importance will this new population boom mean for your business if your web design isn’t using the latest technology to gain prominence in the global search engines? What are the latest social media implications once the county gains a new 20,000 year round residents?

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NC Business Growth And Development Using The Internet. Harness The Power Of Search And Social Technology

In this guide we are focusing on Internet search engine optimization, social marketing, and good web design to help your Carteret County business leverage new growth for your products and services. Let’s be very clear, business development in the Internet age is no longer restricted to regional and city boundaries. Companies in Greensboro can now court consumers in our local area using effective web technologies such as e-commerce enabled websites and digital marketing. Conversely, there is nothing stopping the owner and managers of a local company here on the Crystal Coast from doing the same. Let’s jump in to this article and first see if your current web strategy is actually hurting your business, then let’s get busy fixing it.

Information in this article is going to greatly help tourism dependent companies along the Crystal Coast see new traffic and sales to their products and services.

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