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Builders Meeting Residential And Commercial Growth And Development Needs

In looking at growth and development projections relating to the Interstate 42 project and military expansion at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point, Carteret County NC is already seeing major residential and commercial development in places like Newport, Morehead City, and in the western region near Peletier, Cedar Point, and Cape Carteret.

Considering this, we expect the need for skilled trades to outpace available workers in the area creating a boom we haven’t seen in decades. Home builders in the county are projected to see explosive growth and we wanted to create a section for contractors and builders to discuss these issues.

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To maintain the integrity of this section, we ask that all discussions pertain to home builders in the county and new construction.

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Plumbing Services

This trade is typically involved in the installation and maintenance of pipes within residential and commercial properties that contain running water, be it sewer and septic systems, washing machines, toilets, sinks, faucets, and spigots.

Plumbing services are typically used both in new construction and during renovations and repairs to existing structures.

Information we hope to hear from readers and people offering plumbing services locally include:

1) What licenses and certifications are required by county government and towns within the area to do business?
2) Which local companies offer after hours emergency services?
3) Is insurance and being bonded a requirement for business licensure?

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Roofing Services

Roofing companies and their services are important trades within our coastal region as they work not only with new construction, but are also in high demand within our area after tropical storms and hurricanes impact our region.

Typically after significant weather events, roofing contractors will be called upon to inspect roofs for damage, leaks, and give estimates on the cost of repairs. Many of these companies also work with insurance companies and mortgage agents in the community.

What we need to know from readers and professionals working within this trade:

1) What certifications and licensing is needed to maintain a business within the county and all municipal areas when doing this type of work?
2) How do roofing companies work with mortgage agents and real estate agents in the community?
3) Do these companies need to maintain a building inspectors license?
4) Is insurance and being bonded a requirement when doing business locally?

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Electrician Services

An electrician is a common contractor who installs, maintains, and repairs all wiring in a residential home or commercial property which carries electricity.

Electricians are typically used throughout the lifespan of a property from new construction, repairs of existing wiring, during remodeling and upgrades, and even during demolition of structures.

What we need to know from local area readers and professionals working within this trade:

1) Are electricians required to maintain certification and licensure before doing business?
2) Are they required to have a business license given by Carteret County and in each municipality they do business in?
3) Are they required to carry insurance and be bonded?
4) Which electrical companies in the county maintain services after hours or during emergencies?

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Bonded And Insured

This section is for homeowners, property managers, and contractors to discuss the importance, need, and process for getting bonded and insurance before doing any types of repairs, renovation, and remodeling to any homes in this NC county.

What is the value to being bonded? What regulation in the local area require being bonded and insured?

For home builders, what is the process of getting this?

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Home Insurance For Wind, Flood, And Water Damage After Tropical Storms, Nor’easter, And Hurricanes

By clicking on the title and using the discussion form at the bottom, we’re interested in hearing from Carteret County NC residents in Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Harkers Island, Emerald Isle, and other locations in the county about the need and cost for professional home insurance for wind, water, and flood damage after a tropical storm, hurricane, or nor’easter hits the area.

Discussions we want to hear about can include the cost for home insurance, deductibles, types of coverage, places and situations where homes are mandated to be insured, and anything else related to this topic.

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Home Cleaning Survey In NC

While certainly not related to repair, upgrades, or renovations, we’re interested in hearing from Carteret County homeowners and renters on their thoughts on house cleaning services locally.

Using the link above, use the discussion form at the bottom of that page to answer questions we ask in the article, or alert us to other information pertaining to these professional services in NC.

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Residential Building In Beaufort NC: Maintaining The Look And Feel Of Coastal Heritage And Historical Importance

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When considering repairs, renovations, upgrades, additions to a residence or commercial business in Beaufort NC (Carteret County), is it important to you that a home builder, general laborer, or contractor maintain the look and feel or historical importance of your home or business?

Is it important to you that a Carteret County company consider the coastal heritage of the structure or additions to say a deck and patio, considering saltwater implications on heating and air conditioning units, salt stains on existing or new windows, and how our salty air will affect roofs, frames, painting, drywall, and other design principles of local area homes in Beaufort?

How is Residential building different in Beaufort compared to structures being built inland?

Do you look for a home builder that you can view past work to check our their design thinking on history and coastal heritage?

Beaufort NC considerations on foundations: Anyone visiting the area notice that the ground and land is constantly moving causing streets to crack and get pot holes. What residential construction considerations need to be considered locally?

Local Cities

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Morehead City Versus Atlantic Beach And Emerald Isle NC Construction

When considering work done by a general laborer, other contractor, or home builder, does your decision change when you consider construction or additions being added when that home is located in Morehead City or Beaufort, compared to direct coastal areas of Atlantic Beach, Salter Path, Indian Beach, Emerald Isle and Harkers Island?

Would you put storm windows or storm doors in a new or existing structure when that home is not waterfront versus one that is waterfront?

When you design and prepare for building a new home, do you look for builders, electricians, plumbers, framers, drywall laborers, roofers, or concrete laborers that have experience building in coastal regions such as the Crystal Coast versus those that focus on work more inland?

What design concepts are consistent with coastal homes and custom homes compared to structures that are more inland? Is there any special building permits that are required for coastal homes compared to those more inland? Does construction of the foundation change in coastal regions?

How do building concepts change for structures directly on the water versus those inland?

Weather: Current Conditions And Forecast

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Home Renovation Custom Design: Home Builders And Contractors

Whether it’s building a new home, or adding additions to existing homes, what do you look for when hiring a county home builder? Would these concepts change if you were doing a custom design home? What about if you were building a home in Morehead City versus Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle? Would your decision change?

When considering home renovation, what qualities and experience do you look for in a contractor be it electrical, plumbing, deck and porch additions, heating and air conditioning, roofing, or framing and drywall contractors?

Do you require proof of references, warranties, checking social media for rating and reviews, and going to see past work and talking with other people that have hired them to do work? Do you visually inspect past repairs and upgrades?

Does it matter to you if the contractor is a general laborer, or do you require custom contractors when doing specific work? Do you ask friends on Facebook and Twitter groups what the best company is when hiring a laborer or contractor?

Do you require a custom contractor to be bonded and insured? What about having specific certifications or training?

How has your thinking changed after Hurricane Florence and in thinking about resale value of a Carteret County home once Interstate 42 comes to the local area?

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Home and Commercial Replacement Windows Recommendations, Contractors, And Installation

When considering a replacement windows company for your existing home or new home, what do you look for in that business? What top two factors do you think will make the decision for you? Will it be price of each window? Whether it’s fiberglass, vinyl, or wood? Will it be a company that can do custom design? Will it be a company who has a proven track record with custom installation and who backs their work up with a guaranteed service contract? A company that only deals in windows that have the highest impact resistance and storm protection?

Do you think if you were buying new windows for a residential home in Morehead City, Cape Carteret, Newport, or Beaufort that you would make a different decision if your residence was in Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, or other Bogue Banks community?

In a coastal area like ours, do you think top of the line windows make a difference in resale value for a home compared to mid and low quality level windows? If you were buying a home, would the quality and custom design of the windows be a buying factor?

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Carteret County Replacement And Custom Doors For Your Home: What Do You Look For In A Company?

When considering home upgrades, repairs, or renovation and are looking at the doors in your residential home, what qualities do you look for in a business that deals in the design and installation of these replacement doors? Do you focus on the price of the door, how well it fits in the overall design of your home, or the quality?

Are there any consideration to make if your home renovation is taking place in Atlantic Beach versus Morehead City, Newport, Beaufort, or Cape Carteret?

What material is the best and most highly recommended for exterior doors compared to interior doors? Which custom exterior doors have the highest rating and reviews for security, strength, and fit for a residential home? Is safety and strength as equally important for your interior doors?

What other consideration and qualities do you look for when purchasing or in a contractor that installs and services any problems you may have? Is a warranty important?

If you are buying an existing home or building a new home, are the quality of the doors a consideration when buying or selling?

In your mind, what qualifies as a highly recommended and best overall ratings for a door? What materials and design concepts must be met?

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