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On Zoning, Special Use Permits, And Land Use

In the linked article below, we touch on Carteret NC zoning information, the process of special use permits, and land use under CAMA. Additionally, we encourage public comments on these issues.

This article is especially important in the face of rapid growth and development in the county from military expansion and Interstate 42.

Public Comments On Residential and Commercial Zoning And Special Use Permits

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Let’s Discuss Your County Education District

October 2020

While not Carteret County centered, this request for information and discussion article is a great place to discuss a wealth of public information relating to each county district’s response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Topics discussed in this article include traditional in-classroom learning versus online learning, the impacts on exceptional children with IEPs and other vulnerable populations, local education boards, technology, and lessons learned from the pandemic.

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New Initiative Needing Volunteer Efforts Related To Debris Cleanup In Local Waters

February 25, 2020

Public information article and discussions centered around volunteer efforts needed to help Carteret County ecosystems clean. This is a new initiative born from the realization that we have a pollution and debris problem in our local waterways that became evident after Hurricane Florence and Dorian.

In partnership with several conservation groups, NOAA, and other agencies, this new public initiative needs support from local residents and businesses especially as we move closer to Interstate 42 realization.

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Atlantic Beach NC Town Hall Offices, Phone Numbers, And Government. Mayor’s Information, Utilities, Fire, Police, Planning, Inspections, And Zoning Links

Information on Atlantic Beach public utilities, tax collector, fire/EMS/law enforcement offices, the Mayor’s office and other public information about the government in this Carteret County NC town.

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List of Public Golf Courses in Carteret County NC

Tourism and public information list of public golf courses in the Carteret County NC communities of Morehead City, Cape Carteret, and Atlantic Beach/Pine Knoll Shores. We also encourage comments and discussions on all our articles along with joining our social network to engage with others.

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Carteret County Video Project in NC #ccvideoproject

The Carteret County Video Project ( #ccvideoproject ) is on a mission to map all attractions, interests, events, and other information in Morehead City, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Harkers Island, and other municipalities in the county so that the public can learn more about the Crystal Coast.

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Carteret Health Care Medical Center in Morehead City NC – Departments, Information, and Contacts

Public information article on Carteret Health Care in Morehead City outlining services located at this hospital and encouraging area residents and visitors to give us feedback. This is the only medical center in the area, but it is rapidly growing and expanding in both square footage and medical services it offers.

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Morehead City NC Developers Eye Area Growth and Expansion

Carteret County housing developers gear up for expansion and growth along the Crystal Coast in Carteret County as several new projects in the area for affordable low income projects begin. This article outlines public information area residents may want to know as it relates to these new construction projects ramping up for the area.

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