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Nine Mile Road In The Western Carteret County Area Around Newport NC

Go To This Article for investment information when buying a new home, existing home, or land. Use this resource to discover and ask questions about flooding, traffic, law enforcement, EMS, and rescue services along with nearby small businesses and schools.

List Of Subdivisions Near Nine Mile Rd In Newport NC

Rollingwood, Pender Park Campground, Croatan Colony, Town of Newport NC, Sammons S/D, Nine Mile Estates, Anthony West Division, George Jones Properties, Bur Oaks Subdivision, and Vickie & Michael Butters

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Highway 24 Information For Morehead City, Newport, Bogue, Cape Carteret, and Cedar Point. Public Discussions On Neighborhoods

Subdivisions discussions, town home information, median price of land and real estate, HOA related discussions, major landmarks and intersections, access to schools and shopping, apartment complexes, for rent information, for sale by owner, and other local area information.

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Pauline Bell Heirs, Hestron Executive Plaza, Spooners Creek North, Woodridge, Spooners Creek East, Landsdale, Phillips Landing, Bay Colony, Camp Morehead By the Sea, Vickers Partition, Bogue Village at Brandywine Bay, Village Green, Bay Club at Brandywine Bay, Oak Drive Extension, Brandywine Place, Pine Bluff, Brandywine Bay, Bogue Landing, Craig Willis, Pinewood, Gull Harbor, Vaughan, Twin Oaks, Dutchmans Corner, Paradise East, Soundview, Sound Drive, Twin Oaks Estates North, Breakwater, Somerset Plantation, Barnsfield, Hickory Landing, Trailwood, W.P. Taylor, Theodore Sharpe Properties, Old Oaks, Florida Park, R.M. Brakefield, Buena Vista, E.F. Oglesby, Spring Run, Deep Bay, Village 24, A.R. Paulson, Johnson Minor, Robert and Hyacinth Rice, Don Acres, Hibbs, Mindak Acres, Taylor Heirs, Ray Talton, Bluewater Breeze, T.S. Dixon, Fox Lair, Joshua Salter, Pender Park Campground, Herring, Rollingwood, Adams Harbour, Broad Creek Estates, Pearson, Cottage Pointe, John E. Barbour Heirs, Bogue Sound Yacht Club, Blue Heron Bay, Island View Shores, Bogue Watch, Cannonsgate, A.M. Weeks Heirs, Daisy Sanders Koonce Heirs, Bogue Forest, Elis Landing, Goose Creek Park, John L. Russell, Curtis, Hugh D. Smith, Bayshore Park, Preps Inc, Carteret Crossing Shopping Center, Magens Bay, John S. Jones, James D. Guthrie, M. Bailey Barrow, and G. Cannon Smith

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Highway 58 Information For Bogue Banks In Carteret County NC – Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Salter Path, Indian Beach, Emerald Isle, Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, Peletier, And Stella

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Platt map information for the numerous subdivisions on Bogue Banks, other demographics, HOA discussions, schools, cost of living, access to shopping and schools, median income, road improvements, law enforcement, EMS, and fire department, land values, and other information about this road.

Asbury Beach, Estuary Subdivision, Fort Macon Townes, Island Quay, Triple Ess Shores, Sea Dreams, Club Colony, Club Colony Dunes, Money Island, Soundview Isles, Ned T. Grady & Geo L. Edwards, Atlantic Beach Isles, Phillip R. Taylor, Peppertree Resort, Pelican Park, J.Taylor & W. Smith, Ocean Ridge, Ocean Reef II, Coastal Shores, Knollwood Banks, Ocean Breeze, Bogue View Shores, Pine Knoll Golf Course, Bogue Pines, Fairways, Bill Christian, Ocean Front, Roosevelt Estate, Abonita Properties, McGinnis Point, Live Oak Forest, Pine Knoll Village and Commercial, Ocean Shore, Maritime Place, Pelican Point, Egret Lake, Fiddlers Ridge, Westport Pointe, Forest Dunes, Sandpiper Village, Sea Isle Plantation North, Kiawa, Hoffman Beach, Bufflehead, Emerald Isle by the Sea, Island Shore, Ocean Reef, Pier Pointe, Rock Point, Windfall North & South, George F. Spell, James Singleton, L.A. Freeden, Bell Cove Heights, Surf Landing Cove, Shorewood, Sea Crest North, The Breakers, Marsh Cove, Shell Cove North, Columbus Square, Bluewater Bay, Dogwood Acres, Archers Point, Piney Point, Maritime Forest, Jefferson Place, Oakland Hills, Ocean Forest, Holly Point, W.B. McLean Estates, Emerald Plantation Village, Bell Cove Village, Star Hill Golf and Country Club, Piners Park, Elizabeth C. Blythe, Five Aprils Plantation, Pettiford Point, Emerald Estates, and Coldwater Creek.

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20th Street In Morehead City NC – Residential Neighborhood Information And Demographics

Carteret County neighborhood information centered around subdivisions, flooding zones, local businesses, land median price, cost of living, town zoning ordinances, town planning, growth and development, expansion of housing, taxes, crime information, and neighborhood watch discussions.

Morehead City, North Morehead, Evergreen Park, M.T. Moore, Oglesby Farm, Dill Creek, Cambridge Downs, Keeter Park, Sunrise Point, Blair Farm, The Meadows, Joslyn Trace, and River Heights.

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Pinners Point Road In Beaufort NC – Residential And Rural Information

Discussions centered around this residential and rural neighborhood in Carteret County NC listing subdivisions on or near this road, intersecting streets, median price of homes and land in the local area, taxes, town services, and other news and information.

Pearl G. West, Beaufort Square #3, Glen Meadows, Gibbs Place, and Happy Hollow

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Mandy Lane In Morehead City NC – Road Information, HOA, Housing, And More Discussions

Discussions centered by the number of lots in this well known subdivision as it relates to this street, homeowners association (if any), median price of homes, flooding, what neighborhoods are in the vicinity, median tax base for this local area, and more.

Mandy Farms, Country Club Heights No.2, and Creek Pointe

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Highway 101 In Beaufort NC – Local Road Information, Growth And Development

Discussions on projected growth, development, and expansion in Carteret County related to population growth due to the Interstate 42 corridor project.

How will the new Carteret County NC population growth define new construction, new subdivisions, land sales, and home construction?

How will Interstate 42 affect land value and home values along this road? Well, let’s discuss it.

J.H. Davis Jr, Creek Side Estates, Merle G. Mason Hrs, Joel Henry Davis Jr. S/D, Baugus Tracts, Whichards S/D, J.L. Phillips S/D, Sea Gate, Jarrett Bay Park South, Verna Croom, Eastman Creek Landing, Billy Beck Jr, Bell Creek, Luther Harvey Heirs, Charles G. McKay, Dolly Taylor Land, Teel’s Place S/D, Teeter Division, Azalea Acres, Kenneth Wright, Norma Gardner & Douglas Merrell, Graystone Landing, Green Meadows, Edwin A. Dawkins Jr, Mildred Harris, Wading Creek, G.C. Courtney Heirs, G. Broda Sr. Heirs, Wading Crest, Riverside Estates, Traditional Farms LLC Property, Taylors Park, Country Home Property, and Jones Village.

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Live Oak Street In Beaufort NC – Local Area Information, Housing, Apartments, And More

Carteret County neighborhood laws and regulations relating to dimensions.

Local information related to zoning, public schools, town or city resources, community supports and events, housing and apartments, crime statistics, growth, road improvements, homeowners associations, neighborhood watch programs, new developments, or planned expansion.

We will also touch on business related information as this street runs through a big part of the Beaufort NC business center.

Wye S/D, Highland Park, Hancock Park, Glendale, Jones Village, Live Oak Square, Gibbs S/D, Beaufort Spring, Beaufort Square #3, Pearl G. West, Beaufort Professional Park, Beaufort Meadows, and Walter P. Arthur.

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Evans Street In Morehead City NC – Local Area Information

Discussions related to cost of living in this local area, median price of housing and land, growth and development, economic projections, attractions and things to do near this street.

Additionally, we will focus on city supports, medical and healthcare considerations, access to shopping, restaurants, and retail stores, subdivisions and neighborhood demographics, and more.

Sunset Shores, Montague, and Morehead City

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Ann Street In Beaufort NC – Historical Information And Data

In this article we are going to focus on town government, community crime initiatives, tourism related things to do, attractions, and destinations for areas in the downtown waterfront area of Beaufort NC.

Additionally, we will touch on homes and housing for sale, other properties, flooding and stormwater mitigation, and median real estate pricing.

We will discuss accessibility to public school in Carteret County NC and access to shopping, banking, community supports, retail stores, and other businesses.

Think of this as a relocation guide to the county.

Gallants Landing, Ann Street Commons, Hammocks S/D, Ocean View, Beaufort Housing, and Beaufort Walk.

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Lennoxville Road In Beaufort NC – Local Information And Data

This is a major road in Beaufort NC that parallels Front St. In this article we will cover flooding areas, housing, landmarks, and other neighborhood information.

Homes along this street are a mix of low income housing and middle class homes transitioning to upper middle class and upper class the farther east you go.

Additionally, there is a mix of older homes along with new development communities such as Front St Village.

Highland Park, The Oaks at Beaufort, Beaufort Walk, Catbriar Hollow, Holden Ballou Properties, Sunshine Court, East Car Meadows, Salt Works TCT, Kathryn Court, Blue Treasure LLC, Beaufort Shores, Beaufort Landing, Sea Grove, Beaufort Landing Village, Front Street Village, Lennoxville Point, and Smithwick S/D

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Country Club Road In Morehead City NC – Neighborhood Information

Learn more about this extensive street and road in Carteret County NC, including information on schools, homes, flooding concerns, real estate and land for sale, and other data and demographics about this local area neighborhood.

If you are considering moving, visiting, or relocating to the area, please click on the link title and at the bottom is a discussion form to ask questions.

Homes along this street are considered middle class, but in areas near the golf course you will find upper middle class homes.

There is considerable land for development near the North parts of this street.

West Haven Village, West Carr Meadows, Northwoods, Lake-N-Shore, Oaksmith Acres, Hedrick Estates, Mandy Farms, Country Club Heights No.2, Country Club Run, Miller Harrell S/D, Country Club Acres, Forest Hill, Morehead City Country Club, Country Club East, Alice Laughton Hrs, Valaree L. Stanley Heirs, Laughton Estates, River Heights, Joslyn Trace, Brooke Woods, South Shores, Mrs. H.H. Scott, and Blair Pointe

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Emeline Place – Road In Morehead City NC – Homes And Subdivision Information

Located along Calico Creek in Morehead City NC in an established and older part of the city just a few miles from the downtown waterfront. This area is largely a middle class area with single family homes, a few low income multi-family homes, and mobile home parks.

Schools will include Morehead Primary, Morehead Elementary, Morehead Middle School, and West Carteret High School.

For discussions related to this roadway, please click on the article title.


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