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Local Arts, Culture, and Museums Visitors Guide

What is the latest information on the local arts, culture, and museums in the county?

What is the contact information and physical address of art galleries and other cultural appreciation organization in the community?

Are any festivals and celebrations tied to the arts and culture in the area?

Are there any recurring events tied to art shows and museums?

Are there any non-profits in the area that focus on the history and historical significance of culture and arts?

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Other Places To See And Local Guide For Tourism

When thinking about New Bern attractions and Craven County things to do and places to see, what are some other topics that we missed?

Add them to this section so that we can review your submission and make it a part of this database.

Again, we ask that you share this resource and local guide with friends and family so that others can learn more about this beautiful area in Eastern NC.

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Community Festivals, Celebrations, and Parades

Tourism is big in the local area community, so what can a visitor expect in the way of festivals, parades, and other celebrations in the area?

What hotels and motels are close by? Which take places in downtown and along the waterfront?

Which are close to area restaurants, and the regional airport?

Which have historical importance?

We know that MumFest is a big festival in the community, tell us more about this celebration.

Is there a Veteran’s Day parade?

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Local Area Restaurants – Reservations, Contact Information, Online Menu, And Best Dishes

In your opinion, what are the best restaurants in the local area? What types of food do they serve? Do they accept reservations?

Do they have an online menu? Kids menu? Bar?

Which establishments have outdoor or waterfront seating?

When you add a comment, tell us what is special about your favorite restaurant in the downtown or waterfront area. What are their best dishes?

What are their hours of operation, location, and contact information?

What attractions and public interest is this restaurant close to? What other public information can you give readers?

What are some things to do that are within walking distance of waterfront and downtown restaurants?

Are any within walking distance of local area hotels and motels?

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History And Historical Interest For The Public – Visitors Guide, Tours, And Tourism

When thinking about New Bern attractions and Craven County things to do, what are some of the best historical interest in the community?

Are there any tours to local cemeteries, historical homes, or waterfront and downtown interest?

What is the latest on historical preservation of heritage homes?

As a local, what educational history information can you tell us about how the local area came to be and it’s significance in the early days of Eastern NC?

Think of this section as a visitors guide and tourism discussion for Craven County NC

New Bern Historical Society
511 Broad St
(252) 638-8558
Open weekdays

Ask about local ghost walk tours.

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Sports, Parks, And Recreation For Kids And Families

Discussion and information on community sports, parks, and recreation for kids and families.

When thinking about Craven County attractions and New Bern things to do, what public interest are geared towards kids and families?

Are there any major sporting events that take place in the community?

What is the physical location of area parks for kids?

What is the contact and physical address for the local county parks and recreation department?

When it comes to family events, what are some other things to see locally?

Local guide

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Coastal Carolina Regional Airport – Public Information, Airlines, And Connecting Cities

Public information for visitors on Coastal Carolina Regional Airport in Eastern NC.

What airlines serve this airport? How many hours is it best to arrive to check in before a flight?

What major hubs in NC does this airport serve? What is the physical address of this airport?

Is there a restaurant or bar in the terminal? Does Uber and Lyft serve the area?

What information can you give on parking and security? Is there long term parking?

How long does it take, on average, to get through homeland security or TSA areas?

What other information can you give us about public information on the Coastal Carolina Regional Airport?

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Nightlife And Bars – Locations, Contact, Live Music, And Drink Specials

When thinking about Craven County attractions and New Bern things to do, what are your favorite bars and nightlife in the local community?

Which of these bars or clubs have live music, karaoke, good drink specials, and outdoor seating in downtown and the waterfront area?

What are the closest bars and nightlife to the regional airport or local restaurants?

What is the phone number, physical address, or other contact for your favorite bar or club?

Which of these establishments have a dance floor, DJ, or other music venues for visitors to this NC community?

What other tourism information can you give our readers about nightlife in the community?

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Hotel And Motel Discussions For The Craven County Community In New Bern NC

In this section, we are looking for information on hotels and motels in this local area community in NC.

Which local motels have the best rating and reviews, and deserve your recommendations?

Which local hotels have the best rating and reviews, and deserve your recommendations?

Which one’s are near the regional airport, local restaurants, bars, and nightlife?

Which one’s are in downtown and the waterfront?

Visitors guide: What is the average price per night for both a hotel room or motel room in the county?

Which one’s have complimentary breakfast, WIFI Internet access, clean rooms, waterfront views, downtown views, or have historical significance?

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