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General Local For Sale Discussions

This section is reserved for GENERAL local for sale car buying and selling discussions where a category does not exist below. To request new categories, readers are encouraged to contact us via the site menu link.

Suggested discussions include local county prices, financing opportunities, requests for cars matching a price range, color, mileage, customizations, and other information for New Bern, Havelock, Vanceboro, James City, and other communities in the region.

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1. This is probably off topic, but it seems the best option for this page. I have an older model that I actually like and not interested in buying. I’m more interested in rebuilding the engine by a reputable mechanic who has the skill to do whatever they do to make this process happen.

The questions I have are, when someone rebuilds an engine, do all the parts on the old engine get put back on the rebuilt one? Or, do all new parts have to be put on? Does anyone know how much it cost to have a engine rebuilt? Reply

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Specific Dodge models: Challenger, Charger, Viper, Stealth (rebranded as GTO), Neon, Stratus, and Omni.

Suggested discussions: Dodge parts, antiques, prices, maintenance and service, restoration, and other information.

Any online listings stay active indefinitely, just please let us know via the CONTACT US form if any of these Dodge cars need updating or removed.

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Specific Nissan Models: Altima, Sentra, Maxima, GT-R, and others.

Suggested discussions, restoration, antiques, merger from Datsun, Nissan parts, reliability, custom painting, repair information, price range, and other customizations.

What are the local Nissan dealerships in the New Bern and Trent Woods areas? Are there any in Vanceboro?

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Kia models for sale locally – Specific models: Forte, Rio, Stinger, Sephia, and other models.

Discussions open to Kia parts, bad credit financing, restoration, antiques, and other information.

If adding online listings to this website, please let us know when the vehicle is sold. If making requests, please indicate mileage needs, price range, color, year, and other details of the car.

Kia reliability is another discussion suggestion. This Internet database is open to dealers and individuals.

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Craven County Used Cars For Sale – Hyundai

Specific Hyundai models: Elantra, Accent, Ioniq, Sonata, Veloster, and others.

Hyundai listing stay active as long as you need, just please let us know when the car is sold so we can remove it. For people requesting a certain model, please indicate mileage, color, year, price range, and any other information.

Secondary: This online database can be used for restoration and Hyundai parts discussions.

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Toyota used cars listing.

Suggested discussions: By owner and dealer Toyota for sale vehicles, requests by buyers for specific models, parts and restoration, local area financing information, and discussions on older model antiques.

Service areas: New Bern, Havelock, Dover. Vanceboro, and other county locations.

Site owner request: Anyone listing cars on this site can do so free, and the listing can stay active as long as you wish. All we ask is that you email us when that car is sold. People posting for sale listings are free to add pictures.

Specific Toyota models: Corolla, Camry, Supra, Prius, Avalon, Celica, Tercel, and Yaris.

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This section encourages discussions centered around Honda used cars in the county and surrounding communities, and for it to be a central online Internet connected database of listings showing for sale cars by owners and local dealers.

As with the sections below, we also want this to be a place for people in the market to buy a used Honda to add what model and year they are looking for so that sellers adding listings can see if there is already a potential buyer.

Continuing, this resource supports discussions on Honda parts and restoration of older models. Please be sure to include price range in any requests for vehicles wanting to be purchased.

Specific Honda models: Accord, Civic, and Fit.

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Public discussions and listings for Ford used cars in the Craven County and New Bern area including James City, Havelock, Vanceboro, Bridgeton, and Cove City.

What does this section cover? Residents and dealership are encouraged to list Ford cars for sale, all we ask is that you contact us when it’s sold so we can remove it from the site. Additionally, we ask dealerships and financial institutions to talk to our readers about programs designed to help people buy used vehicles locally when they can’t get a traditional bank loan.

This section can also be used to request information on Ford auto parts, restoration discussions, collecting and antiques, and anything related to older models.

Specific Ford models: Fiesta, Focus, Escort, Taurus, Mustang, Crown Victoria, Contour, Fairlane, Torino, Pinto, Tempo, and other discussions on older models and newer models.

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This section is open Chevrolet used cars in the local area. Additionally, this section accepts individuals and dealership wanting to post for sale by owner, requests to be notified when sellers have Chevrolet cars for sale, and discussions on specific makes and models made by Chevrolet.

If you use the discussion form below to be notified when this make and or specific model is listed, be sure to subscribe to replies and verify your email so when sellers reply you get notified.

To remove any online listing, please use the CONTACT US option above.

Specific Chevrolet models: Spark, Camaro, Sonic, Corvette, Malibu, Impala, Bolt, Cruze, Cavalier, Onix, Chevelle, Caprice, Monte Carlo, Beretta, Lumina, Cobalt, Chevette, and any older models or newer models in this NC county.

This section is also open to discussions on restoring, parts, and collecting older model Chevrolet cars.


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Financial Institutions: Banks, Credit Unions And Other Financing Companies In The County

In addition to individual dealerships, there are smaller banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions which offer used car financing for people with past financial problems, bad credit, and past repossessions.

This section is open for new information and discussions relating to banks and credit unions who help people get loans for cars. For dealership offering buy here, pay here specials, please use the section below.

What is the name, address, and contact information for New Bern, Havelock, James City, and Vanceboro specific credit unions and banks who deal directly with used car loans for people who have low income, are on disability, are unable to get loans at bigger banks, and who can’t buy new cars?

What are the specific requirements for these institutions when it comes to references, proof of income, proof of residence, and level of income?

Are there any financial companies who have special programs for active duty military and their families that are stationed at Cherry Point?


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Local Dealerships Offering Buy Here, Pay Here Financing For People Who Have Bad Credit

This section is open to discussions relating to local area dealerships in the county who offer special programs to people with bad credit and past financial problems which prevent them from buying a new car, or getting a bank loan because of their credit.

Let us know the name of local dealerships, their phone number and address, and any information relating to their dealer financing and lot financing offers.

What are the requirements to qualify for buy here, pay here financing at each of the dealerships listed below?

This section is specific to the Craven County NC communities of New Bern. Vanceboro, James City, Havelock, and other communities in this local area.

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