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Museums, Places To Learn About Historical Importance Of The Area, History Education

Discussions on local museums and other educational places to learn about the historical importance of the area.

What is the physical address of museums in the area, and tell our readers about what to expect there.

What are the deep historical roots between the city and the military?

What are some great places to see interactive learning for kids and families?

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Attractions: Festivals, Parades, And Celebrations

What festivals, other celebrations, and parades take place in area communities?

What information do you have on Veterans day parades? When does it take place?

What major festivals take place, and when are they?

Are there any celebrations on military culture?

If Camp Lejeune specific, please use that section for information.

Visitors information

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Local Community Culture: Theater, Plays, Art Galleries, And Dance

Information section for users to tell others about local community culture as it relates to theater, plays, art galleries, and dance.

Is there a local community theater, and if so what is the address and more information?

What are your favorite art galleries in the region? What level of the performing arts exist in the county?

Is there a performing dance company in the area?

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Travel And Tourism – Local Area Places To See And Visitor Destinations

If someone was visiting Onslow County or Jacksonville, what are some landmarks, historical building, or other things to see while in the local community?

What hotels or motels would you recommend?

Is there a active convention center locally? Is there an active tourism and development organization locally that promotes visitor travel?

What other local attractions section do we need on this page?

Visitor information guide section

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Hotels And Motels – Tourism Visitors Guide. Room Rates, Amenities, And Pets

What hotels and motels are in the county that have great customer service, reasonable room rates, amenities, and allow for pets?

What national chains are operational in the local area?

What is the closest motel or hotel to Albert J Ellis airport? To Camp Lejeune?

Which offer military discounts?

Local information section

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Albert J Ellis Airport – Regional Airline Service, General Aviation

Discussion around Albert J Ellis airport.

What regional airlines fly out of this airport? Which cities in NC do these airlines connect to?

What general aviation services does this regional airport have? Is there any flight training or airplane mechanics operating at this field?

Is there a restaurant or bar in the terminal and how close is the airport from the city, hotels and motels, or Camp Lejeune?

How did Albert J Ellis airport get it’s name?

Local information

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Sports Events, Parks, And Recreation For Families And Kids

Tell our readers about things to do in the county as it relates to sporting events, kids parks, and recreation for kids and families.

Is there a minor league baseball team in the local area? What are the names of parks in the community for kids to play at?
Which parks have tennis courts and basketball courts?

Where are soccer fields that kids play in leagues?

What recreational facilities reside in the area?

Please use the Camp Lejeune section for on base activities.

Information section.

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Local Restaurants And Eating Establishments – Visitors Guide

Visitors guide to local restaurants and eating establishments in the local community.

What is your favorite restaurant and what? What types of food do they serve and do they take reservations?

Do they have outdoor seating? Do any have an online menu or kids menu?

If you are providing ratings and reviews for a restaurant on base, please use the Camp Lejeune section.

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Homes For Sale Or Rent In The County

Information on homes for sale or rent by owner in the local area community.

No real estate agents in this section please.

When adding a home for sale, please include number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, price, and other highly descriptive content about the property.

If adding a home for rent, please do the same.

Additionally, please consider adding an address so that people can look at the property on Google maps street view.

Local area public interest section

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Jacksonville Buy, Sell, Trade Personal Items In Onslow County NC

Online buy, sell, or trade section available 24 hrs a day to search or sell anything from electronics, kids clothes, home furnishings, used cars or trucks, anything you can think of.

For any used for sale Ads, please be descriptive with your content as there is no restrictions on length. To add pictures to your buy, sell, or trade additions, use a online picture hosting service and include the link.

Local area public interest section.

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Live Music Venues, Bands, And Concerts In The Local Area

What are the best bars and establishments to hear live music, bands, and concerts in the local community?

What is the physical location and contact information for these establishments?

What bands typically play in the local community? Name them?

What are some names of local bands and which venues do they normally play?

Onslow County things to do, attractions, and places to see.

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Local Bars, Craft Beer, Drink Specials, And Nightlife

Section seeking request for information on local bars, places to get great craft beer, pubs that have drink specials, clubs that have a great nightlife scene be it loud music you can dance to or laid back atmosphere, live music, and karaoke.

Which night during the weekday or weekends are local bars most popular?

Which establishments have a cover charge?

Which venues cater to a specific setting?

Which pub has the best craft beer?

Jacksonville attractions, things to do, and places to see in NC.

External Reading.

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Camp Lejeune Military Discussions.

All Camp Lejeune military discussions in Onslow County NC and Jacksonville centered around buy, sell, trade, attractions, places to see and things to do, or anything else.

This section should just focus on things happening on Camp Lejeune, the surrounding bases and significant to military life.

Information section.

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