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Exploring Local Efforts To Keep Waterways Clean

February 25, 2020

Click the button below to learn more about local Carteret County NC efforts to keep waterways, estuaries, rivers, sounds, and beaches clean from pollution and contamination using new legislation.

This new initiative will be even more important as we near completion of Interstate 42 and expectation of a 45% increase in year-around population and new vacationers.

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Local Interest Article Centered On Education Safety In The Schools And Funding Efforts

Interested in reading more about local efforts in Carteret County NC as it relates to achieving safety at all public schools in the county?

This article is forum themed so read the article then give us your best insights on the best way to deal with bullying, the possibility of gun violence in the schools, and the best way to help students that are in crisis.

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Carteret County Social Media Networking in NC – Changing The Business And Personal Landscape

Carteret County business impacts from local government or a private entity building a local social media platform dedicated to personal use, tourism, networking, and marketing without big tech influence, tracking, and forced irrelevant advertising viewing.

Is it time for this to happen for local communities?

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