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Considering residential and commercial properties, in what ways have you used electrical services in the past? How available are electricians in the community?

Considering the numbers of new businesses building and moving in to the Morehead City area, do you see a greater need for an electrician at these new establishments?

Typically, these services involve the installation, maintenance, and repair of wiring which carries electricity and powers everything in your home or apartment.

These contractors are often used to run wiring when homeowners add additions on to existing structures, when remodeling or renovating, or after water damage which impacted wiring. Additionally, they are trained to install fuse boxes and to add new outlets to a home.

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Roofing, Framing, And Shingles Work

While roofing contractors who do shingle work and framing work are common to any city or town which have homes and structures, our local area is very unique in that structures in our area receive a lot of wind damage from tropical systems. And, they need to be built professionally to withstand weather related events.

Whether you’re dealing with a traditional roof made from wood, a metal roof, or some other type, then we want to know information which is important for residents who are seeking a business that does roofing work.

In our estimates, skilled labor in the roofing business will be in very high demand for many decades considering the projected population rise from the new interstate, military expansion, and storm systems which are getting stronger and more frequent.

Local Skilled Labor Needs And Jobs

What is the average cost for a new roof in our city, and is there enough skilled labor in our town to meet residential and commercial needs? What permits are needed locally to begin framing a house, or to do other major work in this category? What types of shingles are recommended for coastal homes?

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Storm And Weather Damage And Remediation

This is a discussion related to storm damage and water damage, which also goes with water remediation and mold remediation after tropical storms, hurricanes, or other weather related event like a Nor’easter which unfortunately is a problem for our coastal area.

No doubt, there are many homeowners and property owners who’ve had to deal with buckling floors, vinyl siding damage, drywall damage, and leaky roofs after storms impact city subdivisions and neighborhoods.

How well did local contractors respond to your need for services after a hurricane or tropical storm?

What are some other construction business related services that respond to storm and hurricane related needs which we need to add to this section?

Local Business Information

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City Permits

This will be a discussion on what is needed to get a building permit in Morehead City NC, what the process is, how much it cost, when it’s needed when doing renovation, remodeling, upgrades, additions on to homes, other construction projects, and anything else related to special needs when seeking a building permit.

We’re open to hearing from homeowners, property owners, and construction companies about the permitting process, zoning, and land use within the city limits.

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Residential Building Development

With Morehead City being the largest municipality in the county, being the largest business district, and being surrounded by water on three sides, there’s not much room for residential building development within the city limits except for areas in Crab Point, in the Calico Creek area, and along Country Club Rd.

We do see considerable potential for commercial building along Highway 70 west.

We’d be interested in hearing from residential builders on these thoughts, along with anyone affiliated with economic development in the town.

Where are some other areas within the city limits that could support new residential construction which we missed in this category?

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Commercial Building Development

While we see a few land areas available for residential building, we think the greatest prospects for new development in Morehead City will come from new business building as Interstate 42 and military expansion get underway. This new commercial investment will require a great need for skilled labor and new jobs that the local area will need to contend with.

While we think some areas in downtown are ripe for commercial development, the main areas to look at will be Bridges St extension between the health department and the Intersection of Highway 70 and Highway 24, and areas along Highway 70 west towards Newport.

Builders who typically do commercial design and building will definitely be busy in this area.

What are your thoughts?

Licensing Information

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