Manteo And Roanoke Island On The Outer Banks

October 2020 – NC City and Town Locations

Manteo and Roanoke Island are very unique towns on the Outer Banks which sit on a small island between Nags Head and the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge on the Croatan Sound. The Croatan Sound is unique in that it’s a body of water which separates the great Pamlico Sound and Albrmarle Sound.

Located on this island is the Roanoke Island Marshes Dedicated Nature Preserve. Route 64 connects both towns with Highway 12 which runs through the entire Outer Banks and with Manns Harbor near the wildlife refuge.

Both of these locations have strong ties to the Maritime culture and heritage which make up commercial fishing and the harvesting of shellfish, and for Indian tribes that settled this land going back centuries ago. Both locations are also a favorite for visitors who love the small own old fashioned feel consistent with the entire Outer Banks culture. Because of the historic nature of these locations, both Manteo and Roanoke Island are major tourist destinations.

Tell us everything you know about these 2 towns by clicking the title link and using our discussion form.

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Historic Bath NC Recommended Places Of Interest

October 2020

Historically, Bath NC is official NC’s first port of entry and oldest town located along the Eastern NC waterway of Bath Creek which is a branch of the Pamlico Sound making this small town a favorite for recreational fishing, commercial fishing, harvesting of shellfish like shrimp, clams, and oysters, and sportfishing.

Additionally, Blackbeard the Pirate was known to sail waters near this town and is noted to have lived in the area. Today, Bath NC is a popular destination for heritage tourism with historical markers dating back to colonial days being a major feature of this small town.

What recommendations can you give us about Bath NC when visiting?

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Lake Mattamuskeet And National Wildlife Refuge Public Interest Locations

October 2020

Lake Mattamuskeet and national wildlife refuge public interest locations.

This lake is located in the central Eastern NC inner banks of the Outer Banks and Pamlico Sound near the towns of Swan Quarter, Englehard, Last Chance, and Fairfield.

As a traveler or visitor to this lake, we want to hear from you on what specific unique and interesting places there are for people who visit this area?

What historical reference are there for Lake Mattamuskeet? What are some specific thing to see at the nearby national wildlife refuge and Gull Rock Game Lands? When considering lodging, what are some locations for RV parks and campgrounds, and motels and hotels? How was this lake formed?

What type of wildlife is typically seen along this lake? What opportunities for fishing and what species of fish are most caught in Lake Mattamuskeet?

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Plymouth NC – Roanoke River Visitors

October 2020

Plymouth NC is a very rural historical city with steep traditions in maritime history, culture, and heritage. This location is nestled quietly along the Roanoke River which is a smaller branch of the great Albemarle Sound in Eastern NC.

When thinking about travel to Plymouth NC, what are some unique inner banks waterways along the Roanoke River which gives visitors picture perfect scenery of local habitats, forests, and marshland? What are some unique restaurants in Plymouth which focus on seafood?

What are some great things to do and see along the boardwalk in Plymouth?

Tell us more about the Black Bear Festival that takes place in June.

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Washington NC – Pamlico River Travel Guide

October 2020

Washington NC is a public destination for those who love small towns along the inner banks of the coastal region of North Carolina. Located at the intersection of the Tar River and Pamlico Sound, this location has great boating, sailing, and fishing opportunities for those out for a weekend getaway.

Washington NC has a deep tradition, culture, and heritage centered around the maritime lifestyles of living off the land, hunting, recreational fishing, and commercial fishing.

Tell us about significant historical references in this town, along with anything someone visiting this small town might enjoy seeing or learning about as it relates to coastal heritage and maritime history of the inner banks of NC.

As always, we’re interested in hearing about opportunities for lodging to include campgrounds, RV parks, locally owned motels and hotels. For this region, we’re interested in hearing about local seafood restaurants in Washington NC.

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Learn More About And Explore The Inner Banks Near Edenton NC

October 2020 – Focus on NC small cities

Edenton NC is a small town located along the inner banks of the Outer Banks and sits along the body of water where the Albemarle Sound meets the Chowan River. Nearby locations include Hertford, Colerain, and Plymouth. Edenton has deep roots and heritage dating back to the earliest days of state formation and is a well known historical preservation area.

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Information we are interested in relating to Edenton is interesting locations to explore, landmarks, major tourist attractions, information on historical preservation, and the connections to coastal heritage, fishing, sailing, boating, and other information.

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Learn More About Coastal Belhaven NC

October 2020

Belhaven NC is a small city along the eastern coastal region and sits along the Pungo River which is a branch of the Pamlico River. Both of these bodies of water are directly related to the mighty Pamlico Sound. Nearby city locations include Swanquarter and Pantego.

Belhaven has deep roots in the commercial fishing and recreational fishing heritage and is home to several fishing tournaments.

Aerial Location

Belhaven NC is listed on the National Register of Historical Places since 1981.

Using the no registration comments and discussions section by clicking the title link, tell us more about historical landmarks, places to see and visit along the inner banks of this town. What lodging is available for camping or recreational vehicles?

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Town Of Oriental NC Along The Pamlico Sound In The Eastern Coastal Region

October 2020

The town of Oriental NC is located along the Neuse River near the Pamlico Sound and is a location popular with sailboat enthusiast and boaters making their way along the Intracoastal waterway. The town has deep historical roots going back centuries and contains many examples of folklore around Blackbeard the Pirate.

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This area is also known for it’s deeply southern island feel where things progress slowly and everyone knows each other. Within the small city’s boundaries, you will find many examples of maritime history, small quaint pubs, and live music in the tourism season.

Oriental NC is also home to many fishing tournaments because of it’s proximity to the Pamlico Sound, Core Sound, and Atlantic Ocean.

If you are a sailboat owner, boater, or someone who enjoys fishing, what can you tell us about Oriental NC as it relates to lodging, motels, hotels, restaurants, and specific landmarks that are of public interest?

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Swansboro NC Information And Public Interests

September 2020 – Swansboro NC Information and public interests discussions

Swansboro, NC is a coastal town in eastern Onslow County within Eastern NC. The nearest bordering county is Carteret County and it is 12 miles from Jacksonville NC where Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base is located.

This local area is mostly residential with small businesses supported by minimal national chain businesses. The downtown area is known for it’s seafood restaurants, coastal themed art galleries, and novelty shopping.

This NC city has a strong culture and heritage relating to commercial fishing and recreational fishing, and well as festivals relating to coastal heritage.

The main highway through Swansboro is Highway 24 which also runs through Carteret County and Jacksonville NC.

Surrounding cities include Cedar Point and Hubert. This town also has a ferry service that takes passengers over to Hammocks Beach State Park.

Swansboro sits near the Atlantic Ocean, Bogue Sound, and the White Oak River with several parks overlook.

Use the title link to engage in comments and discussions when considering travel to this area.

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Things To Do And See When Visiting Asheville NC – Major Attractions Discussions

If you live in this city, or are just visiting, we are looking for the best in public interest locations in the local area.

Tell our readers about some great places to eat, good hotels and motels, local areas that allow pets, museums, art galleries, and anything someone visiting might want to know about this location.

If you visited this area, what are your recommendations for others considering a vacation in the mountains of Western NC?

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