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NC County Board of Education Members Begin Discussions On Elementary Schools Opening During Coronavirus in 2020

September 2020

NC county board of education members and school officials are starting this week holding special meetings and online meetings to discuss whether their districts will open elementary school (K-5) after Governor Roy Cooper amended his executive orders on Coronavirus. Under this amended decision, each district can make a decision to operate under Plan A for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students. Or, districts can stay under Plan B which is a hybrid of in-school versus virtual learning. If county board members decide on going to Plan A, parents can still choose Plan C.

Plan A = 100% in school learning.
Plan B = 2 days a week in school learning, with 3 days of virtual learning.
Plan C = 100% online learning.

By clicking the title link, tell us what your NC county board of education decided, and your thoughts on this as a student, teacher, administrator, parent, or guardian.

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NC Governor Roy Cooper Says Elementary School Kids Can Go Back To School Full-Time On October 5, 2020

September 17, 2020 – Coronavirus executive order amended.

NC Governor Roy Cooper is amending his stay at home executive order under Phase 2.5 to allow elementary school aged kids to go back to in classroom learning at their schools full-time starting October 5, 2020.

However, the governor also stated that individual school districts will be allowed to either follow his amended decision, or remain at the current Plan B or Plan C districts are working under now.

In short, even though the governor says they can go back to in-person classes, an individual school district can say no and keep 3 day virtual classes and 2 day in-person instruction going.

Furthermore, the NC governor also stated that for districts who decide to open elementary schools full-time, parents can still choose to keep kids under virtual learning. The governor stated that for many families who have elderly persons in the home, the concern for children to bringing the Coronavirus home is still a real concern.

On October 5, 2020, for those districts that open back up for elementary schools, screening, masks, social distancing, and increased cleaning will still be in place.

Governor Cooper noted that the improving Coronavirus numbers in NC and evidence that elementary school aged children having lower likelihood of infection and transmission fueled his decision to amend his Coronavirus executive order.

Governor Cooper said that for all public education schools under the K-12 umbrella, to include pre-K, students at primary schools, middle schools, and high schools, he will continue to listen to medical experts on their opinions and guidance in re-opening these K-12 institutions if data suggests they can open safely.

Cooper’s primary 2020 challenger Lt. Governor Dan Forest issued a statement that he wants all schools re-opened.

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Public Education Officials In Carteret County Report Two Active Coronavirus Cases Within K-12 School

August 28, 2020

Carteret County Schools Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson confirmed that the local health department is following two individuals, along with anyone they may have been in close contact with, who are now confirmed to be positive for Coronavirus.

The K-12 administrator did not say whether the individuals are teachers, other staff, students, or parents.

He added that the local system in the county continues to act upon strict social distancing, hand washing, masking, cleaning of schools and buses, and daily wellness checks before entering a public education building or bus.

NEXT: NC Independent Colleges lobbyist give recommendations on closures at state universities and community colleges.

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NC Independent Colleges And Universities Along With NC Community Colleges Lobbyist Recommendations

August 2020

Officials with NC Independent Colleges And Universities (NCICU) and the NC Community Colleges system recommended to legislators that individual institutions should make the decision to revert from campus classroom learning to 100% virtual amid several cluster outbreaks of the COVID-19 Coronavirus at several higher learning schools in the state.

These recommendations come after the Raleigh News And Observer wrote an article questioning if it is time for all colleges and universities in the state to close on campus learning.

Lobbyist with the aforementioned groups stated that each school should be allowed to make those decisions based on their own metrics, science, and investigations rather than the system closing all in classroom instruction.

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ECU And UNC-Charlotte Revert To Online Classes For Undergraduates In 2020

August 23, 2020

Following in the footsteps of the Chapel Hill campus and at NC State University, both ECU and UNC-Charlotte ended all classroom classes in favor of 100% virtual classes given the recent cluster outbreaks of Coronavirus at 4 universities in North Carolina.

Most of these outbreaks happened in residence halls, although several were related to greek life activities at sororities and fraternities.

Officials at all schools said that classes will be halted while students move out of dormitories.

There is still no word from the NC Governor if public education K-12 schools will revert to Plan C from Plan B in the wake of these incidents.

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NC State University Officials Announce They Are Reverting To 100% Online For Undergraduates On August 20, 2020

August 20

NC State University officials announced today that all undergraduate classes will revert to 100% online after 1 or 2 clusters of positive coronavirus outbreaks happened in close proximity to the college. UNC-Chapel Hill made the same decision after a similar outbreak on the campus a few days ago and there is no word from ECU officials after their campus had one outbreak.

As of today, there is no word from Governor Roy Cooper regarding reverting from Plan B to Plan C because of these decisions at the college, or if these clusters at local universities can be attributed to poor decisions from students off-campus where there are no mandates by university staff.

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East Carolina University ( ECU ) In Greenville, NC Reports One Cluster Outbreak At A Resident Hall

August 2020

East Carolina University ( ECU ) officials in Greenville NC reported that are investigating and responding to one cluster outbreak of Coronavirus at a resident hall on-campus.

There is no word if ECU officials will take the same course of action that UNC Chapel-Hill officials took in reverting to 100% online classes for the 2020 / 2021 year.

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UNC Chapel-Hill Reverts To 100% Online Classes After Increase In Coronavirus Outbreaks In Campus Residence Halls And Fraternity House

August 2020

On Monday, August 17, 2020 UNC Chapel-Hill officials made the decision to revert to 100% online classes instead of in classroom learning after several outbreaks of new Coronavirus cases spiked in several residence halls and at one fraternity.

It is unclear if this will avalanche in to the entire UNC system reverting to 100% online classes because of the outbreak at Chapel-Hill, or if each university in the system will act independently and locally based on either no new cases or increased cases.

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New Public Education Leadership In Carteret County NC As Dr. Rob Jackson Begins His Tenure

July 2020

New Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson begins his leadership role in Carteret County NC after the resignation of Mat Bottoms in 2019. Dr. Jackson will lead the county in dealing with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, be tasked with upgrades and repairs to local schools, funding or dismantling of the early college MaST program, and begin the process of planning for the potential need for new schools as the population in this Eastern NC community is projected to double in the next ten years.

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Local School Administrators, Teachers, and Staff Persevere During Coronavirus

April 2020

Once again, and in the face of the Coronavirus, our local school administrators, teachers, and staff members at every educational facility in Carteret County has shown an incredible level of perseverance in meeting the learning needs of area youth.

As they were tested during Hurricanes Florence and Dorian, and then with budget issues at the state level, and now with the COVID-19 pandemic, administrators, teachers, teaching assistants, nutritional services, school nurses and psychologist, and other staff, our local public education apparatus is clearly very healthy and functional and being driven by people who have a true genuine desire and need to help our local youth excel in life.

Literally, within a 24 hour period in March of 2020, administrators and teachers had to pivot from traditional schooling to teaching and supporting students from afar through online learning. And, from all appearances, it seems to be working even with a few glitches here and there.

None of us really know what to make of this Coronavirus pandemic and what the future holds. Questions still remain on whether the virus will continue full steam ahead until there is a vaccine, if it will mutate in to another strain we don’t have a vaccine for, or whether the culmination of flu and Coronavirus cases will necessitate the need to deliver educational services online.

As parents, school board members, and even students in our local system, we need to continue to work closely and be understanding that this unprecedented event will present challenges that no teacher or administrator has ever dealt with before. As parents, we need to understand our role in looking over the shoulders of our children to make sure they are opening their Chromebooks and doing work. We need to make sure that the funding is there to put together a virtual online learning system that maintains the same level of educational needs that traditional schooling offers.

By clicking the title, please consider using our discussion form on this article to tell us about your local school staff and their determination to to persevere.

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Superintendent Mat Bottoms Of Carteret Public Schools Announces Retirement Effective December 31st, 2019

November 2019 Breaking News

On November 21, 2019 Superintendent Mat Bottoms announced his retirement from the Carteret County Public Schools effective December 31st, 2019.

Superintendent Bottom’s career spanned 39 years within public education as the band director and assistant principal at West Carteret High School, then as Croatan High School, and then as assistant superintendent.

Superintendent Bottoms accepted the position of superintendent in 2017.

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Superintendent Mat Bottoms Announces Opioid Abuse and Mental Health As Top Concerns For Carteret Schools

Superintendent Mat Bottoms announces plans that Carteret County public schools will take on mental health and opioid abuse as issues during the 2018-2019 school year and is partnering with Trillium Healthcare in this battle.

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Morehead City Primary School In Carteret County NC – Contact Information And Phone Numbers

Address, staff information, contact numbers, and other information about Morehead City Primary School in Morehead City NC and Carteret County. Your discussions and comments about this school that serves students grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Information about parent and teacher organizations, extracurricular programs, awards, and more.

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West Carteret High School Patriots in Morehead City NC – Contact Information, Phone Numbers, And More

Information on West Carteret High School in Carteret County NC. One of three public education school in the county serving grades 9th, 10, 11th, and 12th grades. Article contains contact information, information on sports teams and extracurricular programs, we well as information on taking college classes while attending high school. The team mascot is the Patriots. Public information on High School baseball, football, tennis, soccer, and other sporting information.

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Newport Elementary School In Carteret County NC – Contact Information

Location: Newport NC, 219 Chatham St – Phone Number: (252) 223-4201

Public education school serving grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. Part of the Carteret County Schools in NC. This article contains a video of this facility. School hours are from 7:45 a.m. – 2:50 p.m. with office hours extending till 4pm. Information on the parent advisory council, school improvement plan, and staff development policy.

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