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Home Renovation, Repair, And Remodeling

This is a discussion related to contractors in Richmond County NC that specialize in home renovation, repairs, and remodeling when homeowners want to add additions on to their properties. In many cases, additions on to homes require special permits and land use authorization before any work can be done, so it’s important to deal with a local contractor in the county who understands these regulations.

Popular renovations can include converting garages in to living areas and adding heating and air conditioning to these new areas which requires electrical work and in many cases new plumbing if the new living area will have a sink or bathroom.

Other areas under this section includes repairs to existing structures, new cabinets installed, laying of new flooring on top of sub-floors, and adding new appliances.

Further Discussion On Renovation, Repairs, and Remodeling

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Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

When you lose heating in your home in the winter, or air conditioning in the summer, you know how important a HVAC contractor can be. And, we hope that homeowners and residents within the Richmond County and Hamlet NC area well tell us positive attributes about local service providers in the area who are well-trained, insured and bonded, and have the ability to schedule an appointment with clients quickly to give an estimate on the cost for repairs.

Which HVAC service providers in the county also specialize in duct work under the house? Which local companies offer temporary window air conditioning units and portable heaters to their consumers when their heating and air conditioning is down and the repairs may take some time?

Tags: Duct work, portable heaters, window air conditioning units, repairs, existing homes, new construction

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A local professional roofing contractor is another essential provider of home services who helps maintain the health of your home’s cover which helps keep the elements out and is also a main area where heating and air conditioning can escape from. Roofing companies employ workers who understand how leaks, faulty workmanship, damage after storms, and poor insulation can cause extensive damage elsewhere within a structure.

Local roofing contractors are largely used after hurricanes and tropical storms roll in from the NC and SC coast causing major wind damage usually from trees that fall on roofs.

Who are some notable roofing specialist in the Hamlet and Richmond County NC area who deal with new and exiting construction, leaks, and damage to roofs? What is the average cost to hire these specialist? Which companies in the local area are bonded and insured?

Tags: Shingles, leaks, wind damage, poor insulation, roofing plywood

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Local electrical contractors (often call electricians) are an integral and common home services provider which helps install, maintain, and repair wiring which provides electricity for lighting, appliances, and other devices.

What are the names of local businesses who employ electricians for residential and commercial properties? Which of these companies have after hour emergency work and also have weekend availability?

What’s the average cost for an electrician in the county per hour?

Tags: lighting, appliances, wiring, outlets

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For this section, we’re interested in hearing from local area residents and homeowners about the availability of plumbing contractors in the Richmond County NC and Hamlet areas who do work on existing homes or new home construction.

In your experience, what is the average cost in this local area for professional plumbers that work on residential homes? Which companies are bonded and insured, and why is it important for a plumber to be bonded and insured before doing any work?

Are there any local providers that also work on commercial properties?

Tags: Bathroom, kitchen, potable water, septic tanks, water spigots, faucets, washer and dryer.

Hiring Checklist And Tips

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