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Eliminate Income Tax for Military Retirees – House Bill 83

This bill was introduced on February 15, 2021 with the primary sponsors being Representative John Szoka (Cumberland), Representative John Bradford (Mecklenburg), Representative John Bell (Greene, Johnston, and Wayne), and Representative Diane Wheatley (Cumberland).

This bill aims to end all income tax for military retirees.

On June 21, 2021, House Bill 83 was referred to Rules and Operations of the Senate.

Readers in NC are encouraged to use the discussion form found by clicking the title to have conversations about this piece of legislation.

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Wildlife Resources Commission To Re-Stock Coastal Rivers With White Catfish After Predatory Flathead Species Decimated Their Population

NC Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) news on the re-stocking of white catfish is state coastal rivers.

In September 2021, the WRC released 150,000 white catfish in to coastal rivers in Eastern NC to replenish numbers lost to predatory flathead species which are not native to the state. Specifically, white catfish have been absent from coastal rivers for several decades due to the flathead catfish species.

An immediate concern our staff noted about this is, why did biologist just ring the dinner bell for the predatory non-native flathead species instead of dealing with that population in order to bolster the survival of the native white catfish?

Let is know in the comments below.


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Bipartisan Senate Bill To Authorize And Regulate Sports Gambling In The State Being Addressed In The House

November 2021 – NC Government News

In November 2021, a committee within the NC House of Representatives is looking at a bipartisan Senate bill which would allow sports gambling in the State of North Carolina and provide for regulation.

This gambling legislation has significant support across several Republican and Democratic lawmakers who say that widespread gambling is already happening via the Internet and local bookies, and they want to control sports betting via licensing, regulation and taxation.

This bill has to go through several House committees before reaching the floor for a vote, at which point the measure will go back to the Senate for further discussions.

Do you supports sports betting in NC?


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NC Child Care Discussions For Parents, Guardians, And Grandparents

To leave comments on this section, please click the title and use the form at the bottom of that page to interact with this page.

This is a discussion related to NC child care for parents, caregivers, guardians, and grandparents, especially those in rural areas of the state and those from low income homes where a single parent has to work.

Adding to this, we’re especially concerned for struggling caregivers during the pandemic where businesses closed and there was a loss of income or employment.

Tell us about local, state, and federal money to help with NC families, especially those with disabled children.

Please consider giving us information from your local area on ways social services agencies, advocacy groups, organizations, county and local municipal cities and towns are helping parents and children during this very unique period.

Additionally, we’re hoping to hear from others on ways child care in the state can be addressed so that it promotes working guardians in a job market that is increasingly moving towards increased availability on weekend, nights, and swing shifts.

Go To Our Local County Article On Child Care

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Living Shorelines And Natural Materials To Decrease Pollution And Erosion While Enhancing The Environment

We’re excited to learn about living shorelines built from natural materials in coastal regions where stormwater runoff, man-made pollution, erosion, decreasing fisheries, and threatened marine habitats are being impacted by humans and an increase in tropical weather.

These shorelines represent a new approach over traditional bulkheads and seawalls which are actually shown to increase erosion, and who’s existence does nothing to promote fisheries, habitats, and aesthetic value of coastal estuaries and marshlands.

This new approach uses planted grass and other natural materials like oyster shells to aid not only fisheries and habitats, but by providing a more effective way to filter pollutants and promote the natural environment.

To learn more about water quality in NC, and how this new approach is being utilized locally, please visit our page on living shorelines in NC to learn more and get involved.

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What Is The Largest Natural and Most Shallow Lake In North Carolina?

The largest natural and most shallow lake in the State of NC is Mattamuskeet Lake on the Outer Banks.

Surprised? We are too.

Living in the state for 53 years, I’m aware of many of the big lakes in the Triad, and many in the western part of the state. But after doing some research on Lake Mattamuskeet for the linked article, I discovered that many of the lakes near the triad are man-made, and that while most in the western NC mountains are natural, Mattamuskeet beat out those by a few square miles in size. And, I was really shocked to learn that Mattamuskeet averages only 2-3 feet in depth.

Click the title link and use the discussion form at the bottom to talk with us about this topic.

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Rivers From The Piedmont To The Coastal Region

This is a series on major rivers in Eastern NC which run from the Piedmont to coastal locations along the Albemarle Sound, Pamlico Sound, and Atlantic Ocean.

For each article, we hope visitors and travelers to this region of the state will use this resource to discover tourism information and learn more about ecosystems which flourish along these waterways.

The Neuse River flows from the central Piedmont just north of Raleigh through Smithfield Goldsboro, Kinston, and New Bern where it widens significantly before meeting the great Pamlico Sound of the southern Outer Banks. In this article, we explore many opportunities for recreation along this route, including information on agriculture and other employment and industries surrounding this river.

The Tar River is a winding river which flows from just south of the Virginia border through many locations in the northeast part of the state finally terminating in the Pamlico Sound as the Pamlico River. In this article we explore the many natural resources this river supports and creates.

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Western Carteret County NC Sees Significant Growth Evidenced By Increased Emergency Response Calls

Officials in western Carteret County located in coastal Eastern NC are noting a significant rise in emergency related calls for fire, rescue, EMS, and law enforcement response for the third year in a row.

These emergency response calls are mostly noted in places like Peletier, Stella, Cape Carteret, and Cedar Point. At a recent meeting, town officials say the likely rise in population is due to Interstate 42 and Camp Lejeune growth. Additionally, as more and more people visit local beaches in this eastern region, traffic accidents are on the increase.

In April 2021, Peletier officials noted a record number of calls for fire and EMS response.

Residents of Peletier, Stella, Cape Carteret, and Cedar Point are encouraged to click on the title and use the discussion form at the bottom to discuss growth in these communities and how it impacts fire, rescue, police, and EMS needs for this area.

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HOUSE BILL 791 – Licensed Counselors Interstate Compact

House Bill 791 (H791) is an act to establish and enter into an interstate compact for the practice of professional counseling and to appropriate funds to assist with administrative costs.

The goal of H791 is to improve access by the public with professional counselors, enhance the state’s ability to protect health and safety, regulate multistate licenses, the exchange of more information with member states, promote uniformity between member states, and eliminate the need for multiple licenses in each state.

Essentially, this legislation seeks to provide a framework for LPCs across multiple state who have the same framework such that uniformity is achieved and can help those which seek professional counselors in North Carolina.

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SENATE BILL 146 – Teledentistry/RDH Admin. Local Anesthetic – Enact Standards Hygienist

S146 is a bill being enacted in the N.C. General Assembly which is sponsored by Senator Jim Perry and Senator Paul Lowe during the 2021 – 2022 legislative session.

As this bill works it’s way through committees, there is likely to be amendments.

S146 sets standards for teledentistry, allows for a properly trained hygienist to administer anesthetics under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist, and to allow hygienist greater flexibility without being supervised when giving some care.

Anyone interested in government is welcome to click the title and use the discussion form at the bottom to discuss this bill.

Continue reading for other bills related to nursing, DMV licensing, and cannabis legalization.

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HOUSE BILL 617 – Cannabis Legalization & Regulation – An Act To Legalize And Regulate The Sale, Possession, And Use In NC

Sponsors: Representatives Autry, Dahle, Harrison, and Hawkins (Primary Sponsors)

House Bill 617 is a wide ranging bill outlining efforts to legalize and regulate the use and possession of Cannabis in the state.

This piece of legislation outlines arguments showing over half of the population in the state reportedly using Cannabis, that several populations in the state are being unfairly arrested and convicted for use and possession, that the enforcement of this susbstance diverts funding and resources from law enforcement from violent crime, prevents jobs from being created around this potential industry, and generates revenue via taxes.

Additionally, House Bill 617 promotes further research on ethical medical use of Cannabis in NC.

Readers of this website can click on the title and use the form at the bottom of that page to have ongoing discussions related to this N.C. General Assembly action along with other government issues.

Do you support legalization and regulation?

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SENATE BILL 69 – DMV Licensing Requirements – Revise Division of Motor Vehicles Permit And License Requirements 2021

Senate Bill 69 is an act before the NC General Assembly in 2021 which seeks to revise several components of the NC driving law pertaining to those aged 15, 16, 17 to 18 years old. Specifically, this legislation seeks to address the amount of time a person with a limited learner’s permit has to drive with a licensed adult before obtaining a provisional drivers license by the DMV.

Additionally, SB69 touches on revisions what happens if a 15, 16, 17 to 18 year old driver gets a motor vehicle infraction with a learners permit or provisional drivers license, eligibility certificate or a high school diploma or its equivalent, driving log forms, and what requirements the NC DMV requires in the log file.

Readers interested in government and this bill can click the title to use our no registration discussion form to discuss this act.

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SENATE BILL 249 – The SAVE Act – Modernizing Nursing Regulations In North Carolina

NC Senate Bill 249, entitled The SAVE Act is a currently within the NC General Assembly during the 2021 session and is sponsored by Senators Hise, Krawiec, and Burgin.

The SAVE Act is a bill to modernize current nursing regulations to deliver Safe, Accessible, Value-Driven, and Excellent health care to all citizens of the state.

Readers of this document are encouraged to click on the title link and use the form at the bottom to begin discussions on this piece of legislation.

We’re especially interested in hearing from nursing professionals and practitioners in the state on how Senate Bill 249 will impact the profession and health services in our state.

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N.C. Governor Issues State of Emergency After Flooding Related To Tropical Storm Eta

November 13, 2020

NC Governor Roy Cooper issued a state of emergency for several Eastern NC cities and towns relating to flooding along rivers and other waterways as Tropical Storm Eta drenched the area earlier in the week.

Rains from Tropical Storm Eta are expected to causing cresting at many rivers in Eastern NC over the weekend of November 14 and November 15.

Officials with the governor’s office said heavy rains associated with Eta caused many water rescues, deaths, and school closures as this low pressure system moved over North Carolina.

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Discussions On Water Quality, Pollution, And Coastal Habitats

September 2020

Public discussions on stormwater runoff management and it’s impacts on water quality from pollution on coastal habitats and ecosystems along the coast where flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes are a consistent threat.

What are the impacts on commercial fishing and tourism? How are local governments in the state addressing pollution free waterways? What are the unique impacts on beaches, the ocean, rivers, sounds, and bays?

Use our no registration comments and discussion thread by clicking the title link.

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Commercial Airline Service In To Raleigh-Durham International Airport

September 2020

This is a database and request for information and questions about Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) when considering travel to the State of North Carolina.

If you have information about any of the following, or have questions, please click on the title link to use our no registration comments and discussions form and we will transfer your information to this section.

What commercial airlines are active at Raleigh-Durham International airport? How far is this airport in driving to cities like Raleigh, Durham, Chapel-Hill, Cary, Garner, Smithfield, Morrisville, and other cities?

What special accommodations exist at this airport? Do ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft pick up passengers? What are some unique things about flying in to or out of RDU? What are the closest and most recommended hotels to this landmark?

What car rental companies service this airport?

How far driving time is it to coastal NC beaches and mountain resorts? What are some others questions or information you have about RDU and commercial airline service in to this airport?

Filed: NC travel information, RDU airport.

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Alternative Baseball Organization (ABO) Sets It’s Sights On Eastern NC Autism Sports Leagues

September 2020

24 year old Atlanta native Taylor Duncan hopes to see an alternative baseball league coming to the Eastern NC cities of New Bern, Jacksonville, the Outer Banks, and Morehead City. After starting the organization in 2016, the ABO has other leagues in Fayetteville, Johnston County, Gastonia, High Point, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Hickory, Mt. Airy and Mooresville and hopes to fill the gap for those experiencing Autism.

More information can be found at the league website, www.alternativebaseball.org and under the social media #powerthroughperceptions.

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Migratory Birds, Waterfowl, Geese, And Ducks Along Eastern NC Waterways

Our article on Carteret County national forest and wildlife refuge focuses on readers alerting us to information about migratory birds, shorebirds, ducks, geese, and other species to the Cedar Island refuge and Croatan forest in Eastern NC.

If you want to discuss general information about migratory birds at lakes and rivers in Central and Western NC, then please click the title link and submit your information and it will be added to this database.

If you would like to submit your official group of bird watchers, please fell free to add them.

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Discussions And Information On Estuarine Fish Habitats

September 2020

An estuary is a meeting of freshwater and saltwater and the result creating a brackish mixture that is unique to areas along coastal and Eastern NC.

In this discussion thread, we are looking for information on the species of fish that are typically found in estuaries, along with information on spawning, hatcheries, fisheries management, and what makes these fish unique.

Additionally, we are interested in conditions that make estuarine fish habitats vulnerable and ways that marine biologists, scientist, and researchers are working to help species from brackish waters thrive.

Please click the title link to enter our no registration comments and discussions area.

If you are a marine biologist or working on your PhD at UNC Marine Sciences, Duke Marine Lab, or NC State Marine Fisheries and wish to have discussions using your verified credentials, please contact us.

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Natural Habitats And Resources Along The Neuse River In Eastern NC

September 2020

Questions asked and answered in our South River article as it relates to local area resources, natural habitats, migratory patterns of waterfowl along this Neuse River waterway in Eastern NC, different types of shorebirds, fish, shoreline marine life, vulnerable and protected sea turtles, and information on harvesting of shellfish like shrimp, clams, and oysters.

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Neuse River Information In Eastern NC Waterways

September 2020

The Neuse River is a large estuary of the Pamlico Sound that extends in to New Bern NC with many attached bays, creeks, and rivers.

Please visit our article on South River to learn more about just one of these waterways in Eastern NC and to learn more about tourism, ecotourism, places to see and things to do on the water.

Please be sure to ask questions and offer information on the linked article if you know other information about the Neuse River and the river we linked.

Information we are looking for is boating and sailing information, natural resources, campsites and RV parks, fishing guides, walking trails, local area wildlife refuges, opportunities for birding, and photography.

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Big Rock Fall Baseball League Sees Larger Than Expected Turnout in Carteret County NC [2020]

September 2020

The Big Rock Fall Baseball League got underway on Monday, September 14, 2020 at Puck O’Neal Field in Morehead City and gave students at Croatan High School, West Carteret High School, East Carteret High School, and Havelock High School a chance to try out for the new league.

The Big Rock Fall Baseball League is a new league in Carteret County NC and a collaborative effort by the Morehead City Marlins baseball team, the Town of Morehead City, and the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament.

Organizers say the new league gives local area high school baseball players, who saw a loss in game play after COVID-19 Coronavirus restrictions earlier in the spring, a chance to regain time lost participating in a sport they love.

Organizers say that around 72 players attended league tryouts along with a half dozen coaches. Buddy Bengal, owner of the Marlins, said organizers were expecting around 50 players which will require some thinking on the slated 12 game and four team schedule.

Buddy Bengal reports that the new fall league will not charge admission and is simply an opportunity for area high school baseball players to play the game they love after the Coronavirus affected the spring season.

Comments and discussions via the title link.

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Tidal Estuary Information In Eastern NC

A estuary is a widening body of a coastal river as it approaches the sea and contains a mixture of fresh water and saltwater (brackish). Additionally, a estuary typically has a network of smaller rivers, creeks, and other waterways that connect to it.

A tidal estuary is simply one that is affected by tides.

In this article, we are going to focus on an important large estuary in Eastern NC that serves as an important landmark for living shorelines, maritime ecosystems, saltwater marshes, commercial fishing, and the harvesting of shellfish like clams, shrimp, and oysters.

Please use the title link to enter our discussion area so that you can input information in to this learning resource.

Furthermore, we are urging you to review our article on NC energy production as this coastal region is seeing a large push for energy companies to begin drilling, seismic blasting, and fracking of natural resources to gain energy from fossil fuels. How will energy production of NC water resources affect natural habitats and maritime ecosystems in the state?

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Discussions On Local Military Bases Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg, Cherry Point, And Pope Air Force Base

September 2020

This is an information post and discussion thread on four local military bases that we know about in the Eastern NC cities of Jacksonville, Fayetteville, Havelock, and Goldsboro.

Camp Lejeune is located in Jacksonville, NC and is a Marine Corps base.
Cherry Point is located in Havelock, NC and is a Marine Corps base.
Fort Bragg is located in Fayetteville, NC and is a Army base and home to the 82nd airborne.
Pope Air Force Base is located in Goldsboro, NC and is now attached to Fort Bragg.
Coast Guard bases in Cape Hatteras, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and Wilmington.

Please use the title link to enter our discussion area.

Suggested discussions could include military relocation, asking questions about the local communities these bases reside in, buy, sell, and trade items, specific travel related information, or anything else that pertains to the topic.

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NC Attorney General Josh Stein Files Federal Lawsuit To Counter Trump Administration On Oil And Gas Exploration And Seismic Testing Along The NC Coastal Beaches

September 2020 Government And Legislation News

On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, NC Attorney General Josh Stein filed a federal lawsuit to stop five companies in NC from gaining permits to begin oil and gas exploration along the NC coastal regions using seismic testing after the Trump administration opened the door to this type of exploration.

Environmentalist say that seismic testing is the precursor to fracking which has unimaginable negative consequences for marine life, aquatic life, sea turtles, and other habitats along the coast.

Attorney General Josh Stein says that this issue is non-partisan given that many municipal leaders along the coast, and who are from large Conservative centers, are opposed to any legislation opening the door to offshore drilling, fracking, and technologies that use mechanical devices to harm natural habitats simply for energy production from fossil fuels.

Filed under government local news and reports that impact regions along the Crystal Coast near Carteret County NC.

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State Enforcement, Regulations, And Restrictions Versus Making A Living Fishing And Harvesting Shellfish

September 2, 2020 – NC Water Quality Article

Topics include laws, regulations, restrictions, and enforcement of recreational and commercial interest versus environmental concerns and the conflicts these two areas create for each other in coastal regions along the North Carolina coast, barrier islands, and waterways including estuaries, rivers, and bays.

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Eastern NC Testing Of Water Quality In Coastal Regions As Population Numbers Rise

July 2020

In the past several years, population numbers skyrocketed in coastal regions and area beaches as two Interstates fed traffic from the Triad. Decades ago, I-40 connected Raleigh with Wilmington NC, and soon Interstate 42 will connect Raleigh with Morehead City along the Crystal Coast of Carteret County NC.

Additional, beach communities along the Eastern Seaboard, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific Coast continue to see steady growth and development.

With this rise in popularity and travel, water quality becomes an issue. Let’s discuss this.

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The Importance Of Regulations, Standards, Laws, And Education On Coastal Bodies Of Water In NC

July 2020

As populations grow in rural areas of Coastal NC, there is an emerging impact of rivers, estuaries, sounds, and beaches where a balance of conservation and environmentalism will have to butt heads with commercial interest that want to see growth and development at all cost.

Ecosystems from vulnerable sea turtles, living shorelines, other marine mammals, and decreasing land masses will need to be watched closely.

Additionally, climate change considerations on the growing threat of more frequent and strong tropical storms and hurricanes will need to be monitored.

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Protecting Natural Wildlife Habitats In Coastal NC Ecosystems

February 25, 2020

Coastal NC has a very unique and fragile ecosystem for aquatic and marine wildlife and natural living shorelines.

In the past few years, and brought on by cleanup after hurricanes Florence and Dorian, pollution and contamination was unearthed and now there is a new collaborative effort along the Crystal Coast to help educate, implement, and enforce better standards for debris that threatens wildlife and nature in areas such as Cape Hatteras, Ocracoke Island, Cape Lookout, Shackleford Banks, and other beach regions that have vulnerable habitats such as sea turtles.

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NC Marine Debris Action Plan – Keeping Waterways, Estuaries, Rivers, Sounds, and Beaches Clean

February 25, 2020

NC water related efforts in Eastern NC to educate and implement new objectives to help clean marine debris from coastal North Carolina estuaries, rivers, beaches, sounds, and other waterways where there exists a fragile ecosystem for marine life including endangered and threatened sea turtles.

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