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Cedar Point Town Hall Information And News In NC. Government, Tourism, And More

Local information, announcements, and news in Cedar Point NC in Western Carteret County and Eastern NC relating to area attractions, public interest, government, tourism, and visitors information. Please use the social sharing links on this page to send this page to friends and family on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Additionally, comments and discussions are welcome using the form at the bottom of this document.

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This page is not affiliated with the official Town of Cedar Point in Carteret County NC.

Official Email List

Town Contact Information: Address: 427 Sherwood Ave (PO Box 1687) Cedar Point, NC 28584, Phone Number: (252)393-7898, Email: townhall [[AT]] cedarpointnc [[DOT]] org.

Any changes to elected officials and town staff, please contact us.

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Immediate News And Announcements:

December 12, 2019: Town Commissioners rescind support for a NCDOT feasibility study to show opposition to all options for road and intersection work through the town.

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Government And Town Hall Staff:

Jayne Calhoun, Town Clerk And Interim Town Administrator.

Arlayne Calhoun, Finance Technician

Don Redfearn, Public Works Supervisor

Dwight Turner, Code Enforcement Officer & Town Service Maintenance Tech

Board of Commissioners And Elected Officials

Monthly meeting schedule

Mayor Scott Hatsell, Commissioner John Nash, Commissioner David Winberry, Commissioner Pam Castellano, Commissioner Frankie Winberry.

Mayor/Council Form of Government, each member elected every four years.

Planning Board

Monthly meeting 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the J. Paul Tyndall Meeting Room at town hall unless otherwise specified.

Jennifer Heironimus, Chair, TJ Williams, Vice Chair, John Zimmerman, Josh Reilly, Larry Bragg, and Jerry Riggs.

Alternate members: Joe Marello

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ): Vacant

Appointments to the town planning board are made by the local board of commissioners while the ETJ is appointed by the Carteret County Commissioners.

Board of Adjustment: Monthly meeting are held on a as needed basis and members are appointed by town commissioners and two local residents who wish to apply to be on this board.

Parks And Recreation: Opened on November 8, 2019, the 56 acre Boathouse Creek Walking Trails park opened to the public daily. This park was specifically constructed with conservation in mind and does not affect local wetlands and wildlife. Recreation opportunities include three walking trails, kayaking, and fishing. This park opens at 8:00 am daily and closes at 7:00 pm. The entrance to this public park is on Masonic Avenue.

The Town of Cedar Point received grants from area organization to help build this heavily wooded park.

Law Enforcement And Fire Inspection Guidelines

The Town of Cedar Point NC does not maintain a police force. Town law enforcement is handled by a dedicated Carteret County Sheriffs Department deputy.

Fire Inspection Guidelines

Public Utilities

Water:  West Carteret Water Corporation 252-393-1515

Electricity: Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative 252-247-3107

Telephone:  (local service)  888-723-8010

Cable:  Time-Warner Cable 800-892-4357

Register To Vote: Voter registration forms are located at town hall.

Tax Collection: 701 Cedar Point Boulevard (behind the BP Gas Station), telephone 252-222-5833.

Zoning Permits: 252-393-2753

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County Attractions And Things To See

Town Information

The town of Cedar Point NC is located in the westernmost portion of Carteret County and borders Swansboro and Onslow County to the west and Cape Carteret NC to the east.


October 22, 2020: Commissioners met to discuss switching from the current mayor-council form of government to a council-manager form which will add another town commissioner. If the board has a simple majority, this change can take place without a referendum.

September 2020: Commissioner John Nash announced that in October he will call for Cedar Point to move from a administrator form of government (often called mayor-council government) to a manager form of government (often called council-manager government) citing growth of the town and need to “clean up lines of communication” within departments. In making this move, the town would add one more elected official. Mayor Scott Hatsell is on recotrd as supporting this change of government.

December 3 2019: Town planning board approved by a 5-2 margin to recommend that commissioners take on rezoning a 0.4-acre piece of land currently zoned for residential use and allow for it to have a B-1 designation for a business that is planned there. The planning board’s approval now puts the debate with town commissioners who likely will hear public comments on the proposal. Earlier in the year, commissioners denied a request to rezone another property directly across from the one that was debated on December 3. Planning board members Paul Garavaglia and John Zimmerman voted against the measure, with Jerry Riggs, Josh Reilly, Larry Bragg, T.J. Williams and Joe Marello voting for the measure.

November 2019: Town commissioners and the NCDOT are in talks over a feasibility study which would outline significant changes to the major road that travels through the town. Under the NCDOT proposal, a median would replace the center turning lane on Highway 24 and there will be other changes at the intersection of Highway 58 and Highway 24. At present, there are several alternative plans of which Cedar Point commissioners are studying.

October 2019: Commissioner John Nash announced on Twitter that town hurricane debris cleanup and community cleanup will begin September 26, 2019 and conclude on September 27, 2019.

October 2019: Commissioner Nash announced that Governor Roy Cooper has confirmed that the NC Parks And Recreation Authority has approved a $500,000 grant for the town park property. The property sits along the White Oak River and the town purchased the land for 2.8 million dollars.

August 2019: The town notified the public about speed limit changes on Highway 24 through the entire boundaries of the town. The speed limit changed from 45 mph to 35 mph.

Town officials have announced a $1+ million dollar grant from the N.C. Coastal Federation to help pay for a local recreation park and to help with efforts to insure it’s construction will comply with clean water and conservation efforts.

Town officials announced that they are looking at the last week in September for official storm related debris pickup and town cleanup as this will give Emerald Isle time to complete their storm related debris cleanup finished. Cedar Point relies on Emerald Isle equipment and crews.

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  • April 29, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    April 2021,
    As the residential boom in the local area continues, commissioners approved 2 new residential subdivisions that will begin construction soon.


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