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Chatham Street In Newport NC And Carteret County – Traffic, Construction, Alerts, And Demographics

Local resident and reader maintained information on Chatham Street in Newport NC and Carteret County. Data we hope to receive can include information about growth and development along this roadway, traffic accidents, NCDOT road cloures due to construction or flooding, repaving efforts, new businesses along this route, real estate in the local community, and other demographics about this place.

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Readers are encouraged to use the discussion form at the bottom to input new information in to this article, and to let us know about breaking news along Chatham Street and communities around Newport NC. Furthermore, readers are encouraged to share this article on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so more drivers and travelers to Carteret County can discover unique information about this local street.

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Local Area News

This section will update as we learn about new information and news on Chatham Street we receive after publication.

Accident Reporting, And Other Data

This road is approximately 4.93 miles long and is functionally a business bypass of Highway 70 through the Town of Newport NC. Historically, this road was Highway 70 but is now referred to as “Old Highway 70” by older residents. The speed limit on this route is 45 mph except near areas of downtown where it decreases to 35 mph and 20 mph near Newport Elementary School.

Major intersections include Highway 70, McQueen Avenue, Willis Farm Rd, Fort Benjamin Rd, Roberts Rd, Main St, Market St, East and West Railroad Blvd, Mann St, McCain St, Johnson St, South Lakeview Dr, New Bern St, Park Avenue, Merry Woods Drive, Newport Loop Rd, Masontown Rd, Tom Mann Rd, and Whitetail Rd.

Major Landmarks include Castle Glen Apartments, Newport Garden Center, Newport Motors, Shortway Brewing Company, Newport Elementary School, Timeout Tavern, Newport Middle School, SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House, Willis Farm, and Sunset Pines Mobile Home Park.

Chatham Street is completely in the city limits and thus under the jurisdiction of the Newport Police Department and Fire Department which answers calls for service along this town road. This includes calls for service at car and truck traffic accidents. Local town EMS services are provided for transport to Carteret Health Care.

This roadway is under the jurisdiction of the NCDOT for closures related to flooding, maintenance, repaving, and painting.

There are no traffic lights on this route known as State Road 1247.

Chatham Street is a good mixture of commercial small businesses and residential neighborhoods with gas stations, grocery shopping, convenience stores, and other retail shopping being within a 4 minute drive from all locations on this road.

Projections for increased traffic and widening are good for this street given population explosion related to the Havelock bypass and Interstate 42 project being completed within the next 8 years.

There are two school zones operational during school hours during the week.

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Local Resident And Traveler Discussions

Does Chatham Street in Carteret County experience a considerable number of automobile accidents?

When was the last planned NCDOT closure related to repaving or painting of traffic lines?

What do local town officials and commissioners need to do, if anything, to make this route safer for town residents and school children?

What are your thoughts on growth and development for this road as the new Havelock bypass and Interstate 42 near completion?

What is the average and median income for real estate and homes for sale along this road?

What other demographics and data can you provide about Chatham Street in Newport NC? What questions do you have?

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