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Chevrolet Trucks In NC – For Sale Models By County

We want this to be an ongoing discussion thread on sales, prices, and other information for Chevrolet Truck models across all 100 county locations in the State of NC. Readers can use the form at the bottom of this page to add information to this article.

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Furthermore, we hope sellers of used Chevrolet models will use the form below to list for for sale by owner vehicles, or use the contact us form to inquire about us buying their vehicle for cash. If using this page, please let us and our readers know which NC county your information is coming from when posting.

We’re located in Carteret County and serve Morehead City, Beaufort, Newport, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Harkers Island, and Cape Carteret, but readers from other cities and towns across the entire state are welcome to use this page.

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Suggested Models: All Silverado and Colorado series vehicles. Be sure to list whether the truck is a V6 or V8, any extended features, and whether the vehicle is a 4×4.

County NC Chevrolet Trucks Sales, Prices, Information

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Prices: Considering your city, town, and county, what is the average price for a base model Silverado or Colorado without 4×4 and having a V6? How much more does the off-road package and V8 add to the price?

Considering prices, what is the local price for new versus used?

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Availability and Parts: We know in 2020, 2021, and 2022 prices went sky high on truck models and their availability became scarce due to manufacturers producing less vehicles, reduction in business production, and consumer fear. Do you see an end to availability and parts being easily found?

Morehead City Used Trucks

New Versus Used: In talks with consumers in NC, many are saying new model Chevrolet trucks are priced way too high even for many in the working class, and that financing companies are being cautious about loans they hand out. Do you agree with this sentiment? If now, why?

If you were to buy right now, would you do a new truck, or used?

Features: Considering bed length, off-road 4×4 capability, V6 versus V8, electronics packages, low mileage, crew cab and extended cab, trailer package, and other interior and exterior features, what is your must have?

Online And Dealerships

If you were selling a Chevrolet in NC, would you consider using an online platform like Facebook marketplace or Craigslist to sell the vehicle, or do you prefer to sell to a dealership in your city or town? Why?

What are some things to consider when buying a used truck? Where in your NC county is a good place to get service and after market features?

Would you ever use an 100% completely online dealership to buy a vehicle, or do you need to see and drive it first?

Please remember to view our local inventory of trucks, SUVs, and car using the blue button above, don’t hesitate to list a for sale by owner on this page, or using the contact form in the menu to send us a message.

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