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Climate Change, Global Warming, And Increased Hurricane Activity

Is climate change and global warming causing an increase in hurricanes and tropical storms? Yes. Both change and warming are coming together to increase water temperatures in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico which is causing more frequent systems to form, to form in places not seen before, and to become stronger.

And, this is not just a United States issue, it’s happening globally where tropical systems form.

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It’s important to remember water temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit are needed for a hurricane or tropical storm to develop and to maintain the core of the storm.

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Additionally, science continues to show that only 1 degree of water temperature change in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico can have a profound impact on increased category level status.

Weather Patterns Over Hotter Ocean Temperatures – Climate Change And Hurricanes

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Both the La Nina and El Nino weather patterns over the Pacific Ocean help to increase hurricane and tropical storm activity, or diminish the formation of these storms.

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In the past decade or more, science clearly shows both of these weather patterns are directly influenced by climate change and global warming which further helps to exacerbate increased activity of these systems.

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Both the La Nina and El Nino weather patterns over the Pacific Ocean can absolutely have impacts on the hurricane season for the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

Formation In Places Never Seen Before

Keeping in mind these systems needing warm water above 80 degrees to form or maintain the core of the storm, there is an increasing likelihood of tropical systems forming or being maintained in places where we do not typically see tropical activity.

One such place is the Atlantic Northeast which is increasingly vulnerable to hurricanes staying intact as they move up the eastern seaboard because waters along this coast are becoming warmer.


What are some ways in which you’re seeing the weather patterns El Nino and La Nina impacting storm formation in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico?

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What are your thoughts on these storms becoming more frequent, forming in new places, or getting stronger?

Do you live in a place where tropical systems are rare, but you’ve seen increased activity in the past decade?

If you live in an area where tropical system formation is consistent, can you say for sure these systems are becoming stronger and more frequent?

What are some ways humans can change their ways which could help lessen the impacts of climate change and global warming?

How can humans mitigate damage caused by these storms? What are some ways we can quickly mitigate ocean water becoming hotter?

What are some new technologies which are emerging and can have an impact on this specific topic?

Considering where you live, what is your county or parish government and local volunteer organizations doing to help educate the public on global climate issues? What about for protecting local environments and ecosystems?

Do you have any estimates on the costs for beach sand and vegetation nourishment your county or parish government spends after each storm?

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