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Margaritaville Hotels & Resorts announced in early 2019 that they will break ground on a new hotel and resort in Beaufort NC on the land once occupied by the old Hardees restaurant which is near the Beaufort side of now removed drawbridge.

This announcement, along with public rendering of what the hotel will look like and construction projections, caused significant controversy on social media given that many felt that the Town of Beaufort was allowing a building to be developed outside of zoning restrictions (specifically the height of the building and modern look). The concerns were that this new hotel and resort would detract from the historical feel of Beaufort and could affect tourism. In April of 2019, the developers (Margaritaville Holdings) of what will be the Compass Hotel announced that they revamped their construction of this project to meet current zoning restrictions in place. Specifically, the height of the building would not reach any higher than 40′ which is the current zoning restriction.

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Other controversy around this construction project centers around some in Beaufort NC being displeased with how fast this community is growing, which they again feel could hurt the historical significance of the community. Many feel that the draw to Beaufort is it’s old town feel and the modern look of this hotel, along with what the Interstate 42 corridor project could bring, has the opportunity to hurt property values of historic homes in the area along with tourism and the feel of this quaint city.


Using the comment section below, as a local to Carteret County NC or as a tourist, what are your concerns about the new Compass Hotel? If you are a supporter of this new resort, what are your arguments?

Will this new project hurt or help the area economically? Could it hurt the “feel” of the city and it’s historical significance?

Did the announcement from Margarativille Holdings change your mind about this project when they announced that the project will stay within current zoning restrictions and the 40′ height restriction?

Do you feel that given the Interstate 42 corridor project, that Beaufort can maintain it’s small town quaint southern feel, and will it hurt tourism to the area? Or, do you feel that the historical association and town officials will adapt and and meet modernization of the area successfully?

NOTE: In order to maintain the integrity of information in this article and any comments, if you are an official employee of Margarativille Holdings, a developer of this project, or town official, we ask that you contact us before making comments so that we can verify your relation to this project.


This section is reserved for news information as it relates to this downtown project. If you have any news related information to add, please use the comment form below.

January 2020: The Beaufort Historic Preservation Commission must approve parking lot features for the area at the corner of Cedar Street and Orange Street before officials from the Compass Hotel project can move forward with the project. Both parties will meet on February 4, 2020 so that hotel officials can clarify their parking lot proposal after their was some opposition to the earlier proposal.

November 2019: The Beaufort Board of Commissioners approved the Compass Hotel site plan and once the Historic Preservation Commission approves it’s certification then construction can move forward.

September 30, 2019 – Beaufort planning board heard public comments on the most recent design plans and ended up approving the plans in a 3-2 vote. Hotel design issues will be heard by the Historic Preservation Commission and Beaufort Commissioners next.

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3 thoughts on “Compass Hotel in Beaufort NC – Carteret County Public Comments

  • Avatar
    June 16, 2019 at 10:43 am

    This is a difficult issue for me as well as someone who both understands that revitalization, innovation, and advancement of the economy in Beaufort requires new structures being built, and someone who absolutely fell in love with the local mystique old town culture that defines the downtown historical district.

  • Avatar
    May 18, 2019 at 9:17 pm

    I am fine with new development in the community I would just ask developers to build their projects around the architecture and feel of the town and to NOT tear down existing historical building and replace them with development that does not maintain the southern quaintness of the community.

  • Avatar
    May 18, 2019 at 8:43 pm

    It’s a Carteret County dichotomy that has existed since the beginning of time. The locals who need to survive in the area need good jobs, advancement, and modern thinking so they can prosper.

    Those that live and visit here and have economic prosperity built in and do not need the local economy want the area to stay the way it is.

    Yes, Beaufort NC does have a specific historical look and feel which is a draw, but the reality is the new bridge and Interstate is going to draw more attention and tourism to the area which historically will win out over public sentiment.


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