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Core Creek NC In Carteret County – Tourism And Things To Do On The Intracoastal Waterway

Forum, discussions, and news relating to Core Creek NC in Carteret County and this body of water being a part of the Intracoastal Waterway between the Newport River and Neuse River in Eastern NC.

In this article, we ask readers to use the discussion form at the bottom to tell us everything about Core Creek as it relates to fishing, boating, lodging in the area, tourism and things to do, marinas, campgrounds, and other recreational types of activities. We are interested in hearing about hotels and motels in the area, boat ramps, boating navigational issues, hunting, and anything else someone visiting this area may need to know.

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Notable roadway access points: 1) Highway 101 between Beaufort NC, Harlowe, and Havelock NC. 2) Route 1300 known as Merrimon Rd and 3) Route 1700 from Harlowe.


What is the difference in Core Creek and Adams Creek?

As far as use for boating and sailboats, and other than travels between the Newport River and Neuse River, what is the Intracoastal Waterway used for in travels around the Pamlico Sound?

We know that Jarrett Bay Boatworks is located on Core Creek, what are some other businesses to note as it relates to marinas, boat sales, rentals, motels and hotels, and places to get gas for a boat?

What are some notable hunting areas be it duck hunting or deer hunting? Is there any public areas or mostly private hunting clubs?

Are there any boating navigational issues that someone not familiar with this waterway needs to know?

How long does it take by powerboat to travel from the Newport River to the Neuse River? What about by sailboat?

When it comes to tourism related things to do, be it kayaking, jet ski, canoeing, or fishing, what are your recommendations?

Are there any restaurants along the banks of this waterway? What are the most notable motels or other lodging areas?

What are some notable public boat ramps in the area? Are there any long term marinas that offer dry storage or year-around boat slips?

For someone not familiar with the area, what is the fundamental difference between Core Creek NC and Core Sound or Core Banks?

What is there to note about housing and homes for sale in the area? What about homes for rent or vacation rentals?

What is the relationship between Core Creek NC and areas down east in Carteret County?

What questions or needed information do you have?


December 17, 2019

Fire, EMS, and law enforcement responded to a 50 foot shrimp trawler on fire that was sitting in the water. Reportedly, one person was transported by ambulance to Carteret Health Care as a result of the fire. As of December 18, there are no reports about the extent of injuries or how the shrimp trawler caught fire. Use the comment form below for discussions as it relates to local news involving this incident or news reports from the area.

Noted surrounding waterways, land masses, attractions and destinations: Newport River, Neuse River, Pamlico Sound, Merrimon NC, Beaufort NC, Harlowe NC, Back Creek, Cape Lookout, and Outer Banks. Located in Carteret County.

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