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How Many Coronavirus Cases Are There In Carteret County NC Right Now?

State and local health officials are reporting the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in Carteret County NC as of March 20, 2020. At 9:45 p.m. a 2nd case was reported. There is a report that a VA resident in Carteret County NC has died of complications related to coronavirus, but the data will go on record as a death in VA.

Current as of December 3, 2020: 2,029 COVID-19 cases total, 281 active, and 21 resident deaths. (+63 compared to yesterday)

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October 12: The 87 new cases reported today going back to last Friday is a large number because a local healthcare facility allegedly forgot to report cases going back to July.

October 7: 22 new cases reported today.

October 5: Health department officials announced the 9th death associated with this virus as being a 80 year old resident with several underlying health issues.

October 2: Health department officials announced the 8th death associated with this virus as being a 70 year old resident with several underlying health issues.

September 30: Health department officials announced the 7th death associated with this virus as being a 60 year old resident with several underlying health issues.

August 14: County health and government officials released the following information regarding the congregate facility outbreaks: Carteret Correctional Facility in Newport, 76 offenders with positive cases and 5 staff. At the Carteret County Jail, 1 inmate and 7 staff with positive tests.

August 3 – Four detention offers at the Carteret County jail in Beaufort test positive.

July 31 – Report of a 6th death.

July 27 – 41 additional positive cases from the Carteret Correctional Center for a total of 71.

July 23 – 30 cases confirmed at the Carteret County Correctional facility in Newport NC.

July 14 – 5th resident death.

July 10 – 4th resident death.

April 22 – 3rd resident death reported.

April 21 – 3 new cases confirmed bringing the total to 27 cases.

April 17 – 2nd resident death, 24 confirmed.

March 27 – 6th cases confirmed.

March 23 – Governor Roy Cooper issues second executive order to keep NC schools closed till May 15, 2020.

March 22 – Health officials confirm that the first 4 are related to international travel with the 5th case having no travel and no known contact with another confirmed person. Thus, this is on the books as being community acquired.

March 21 – 5 confirmed cases in the county.

March 20 – Now 2 confirmed in the county. See hourly updates below.


Additionally, this document will be updated hourly with new information as we learn more. Readers are encouraged to use the discussion form at the bottom to discuss this news.

What does presumptive positive mean? It means that NC DHHS has tested an individual and received a positive test, but the Center For Disease Control And Prevention ( CDC ) has not officially confirmed it.

In some states, the CDC is not mandating their own confirmation, but in North Carolina they currently are.

However, and this is important to remember, from a public health standpoint, along with preparation and diligence in combating the spread of coronavirus in the county, the word “presumptive” for the public means 100% confirmed until state officials say otherwise.

Note: As of March 15, NC DHHS has removed all “presumptive positive” language from their website indicating that the CDC is now using state test results to confirm positive or negative results.

help phone number

24 hr recorded message line: (252) 726-7177 | Questions: (252) 726-7060

2-1-1 is a state number to get statewide information.

Hourly Updates Since Publication

March 21, 2020 – Local officials announced three more cases bringing the total to 5 locally.

March 20, 2020 – At 10:00 p.m. local officials announced a second confirmed case in Carteret County. Both this case and the first case represent people who are not being treated at the hospital or other Carteret Health Care facility. Officials are saying that the first case resulted from international travel, but there is no indication if the second case is someone that acquired it from the community or via travel.

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Local health department and state officials gave no indication on whether the first person confirmed to have coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) in Carteret County NC acquired it via traveling, or if it is community acquired.

What Should You Do?

The first thing to do is stay calm and monitor official agencies like the Carteret County Health Department, our local emergency management office, Carteret Health Care, and the NC Department of Health And Human Services ( NC DHHS ). Follow all directions and recommendations from these agencies.

These are the ONLY agencies that have first hand information rather than speculation and misinformation.

Continue to frequently wash your hands, keep your general surroundings clean and disinfected, continue to cover your cough and sneezes, and maintain vigilance in not touching your face, nose, eyes, and open sores.

Practice social distancing, which is the practice of limiting (or any) your presence in public areas, and certainly areas with large gatherings of people. Social distancing is CRUCIAL to stopping the chain of infection.

Continue to eat healthy, take vitamins, stay well hydrated, and exercise daily to boost your immune system.

Continue to remain calm and interact with friends and family either by phone or social media to help reduce anxiety and fear. Stay informed using only official communications.

Limit entrance to your immediate home by others.

If you must travel outside your home to refill prescriptions, see your doctor, or for other reason, call ahead to see if where you are going has restrictions in place. When in public, limit distance from people and randomly touching things.

Maintain good psychological health by doing positive things, staying active, and good self-care.

Understand that the first reported case of coronavirus in Carteret County NC was completely expected, and that local, state, federal officials, and local hospitals and healthcare facilities have extensive preparations in place.

Understand that the OVERWHELMING majority of people who are infected with coronavirus report mild symptoms and make a complete recovery.

What Can I Do To Help Others?

Understand that the single biggest factor in ending the spread of coronavirus is limiting public and social interaction (if any) and good hygiene.

Be very mindful of the elderly and those with significant medical conditions as these two populations experience the greatest complications with COVID-19. In cases where interaction is unavoidable with these two populations, maintaining a high level of vigilance in touching things in their environment, or their person is warranted and the best way to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Maintain significant physical distance from the elderly and those with medical issues while doing your best to provide psychological comfort.

Maintain vigilance in daily contact to limit isolation, fear, and anxiety.

Continue to follow and get information from the Carteret County Emergency Management Office, local public health department, and other local government agencies and healthcare providers to educate yourself on how to respond to cases of coronavirus in the county.

We ARE going to get through this together!

Lastly, while we will not discuss health information on this page, and will defer to local agencies for official updates, we do welcome you to use the comment form below to speak with us 24 hours a day if you need reassurance and someone to talk to.


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