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County NC Living Shorelines Promoting Healthy Fisheries And Habitats

While being located in Carteret County NC, we’re interested in hearing from readers in other coastal counties in the state where interests are beginning to use living shorelines to promote healthy estuarine marshes, local fisheries, and the many abundant natural habits which support marine mammals, birds, and other wildlife. Additionally, this new approach aids in water quality, preventing coastal erosion, helps to filter stormwater runoff, provides food and shelter for marine species, allows for naturally protected nurseries, and enhances NC coastal areas aesthetic value by replacing bulkheads, rocks, revetments, and concrete seawalls.

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A living shoreline is a new approach to prevent estuarine erosion of land and to bolster water quality by using planted natural vegetation and other natural materials to replace bulkheads, rocks, and walls.

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Currently, we know where this new approach is being utilized in Carteret, Craven, Onslow, and New Hanover County, but we hope conservationist and those interested in natural ways to promote fisheries and habitats will use the form below to tell us about specific places in their local area which are exploring this option.

Research continues to show that stormwater runoff is the most aggressive water quality pollutant in the State of North Carolina coastal areas.

Helping The Environment In NC Coastal Areas – Erosion And Water Quality

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Reader generated places where natural approaches are being utilized

  • NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.
  • Carteret Community College along Bogue Banks.
  • Carrot Island near Beaufort.
  • Jones Island near Swansboro.
  • New River near Jacksonville in Onslow County.
  • Durant’s Point near Hatteras Village on the Outer Banks.
  • Cape Fear River in New Hanover County.
  • Neuse River in Craven County.
  • Veteran’s Park behind Town Hall in Pine Knoll Shores, and a proposed site along the sound front in Pine Knoll Shores.

Organizations we know about which are invested in using and doing research on living shorelines to promote natural habitats and fisheries: N.C. Coastal Federation, NOAA, Duke Marine Lab, UNC Institute of Marine Sciences, N.C. State Center for Marine Sciences and Technology (CMAST).

Dr. Niels Lindquist

Mitigation efforts: Air quality, water quality, land erosion, increasing fisheries and estuarine habitats, costs to protect waters, wildlife, and land.

Request For Information

Other than the NC county locations above, where are some other places along the coast this new approach is being used to bolster the environment?

What are some advantages you think this new approach has over bulkheads, seawalls, rocks, and revetments?

What are the cost benefits to using this natural approach compared to the traditional way in which we’ve protected coastlines in the state from erosion?

As someone doing research in the marine sciences at the academic level at N.C. State, UNC, or Duke, what are some other applications living shorelines have other than they way they are current being used? How can these shorelines help with the growing of oysters and clams, while also encouraging proliferation of fish, shrimp, and other marine life in the county?

Considering stormwater runoff, what are the actual mechanics of how these systems filter pollutants?

Does the N.C. Coastal Federation and other organizations currently have opportunities for people who want to volunteer and learn more about planting marsh grass and other natural elements. What are some other ways the general public can get involved?

Where can someone get more information on protecting fisheries in the state?

What’s some other information about living shorelines in NC you want to discuss which we did not touch on in this article?

Continued Education

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