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All About The Crab Point Residential Area In Morehead City NC – Things To Do And Housing

Our article on the Crab Point residential area in Morehead City NC is going to serve as a reference for those considering moving or relocating to this community, and as a resource for locals to input their insights using the comment form below so that we all can learn more about tourism, things to do in this area, housing, and the potential for growth and development.

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In looking at the map below, this community is shaded in red, but we are going to discuss various landmarks, roads, and other information shown in the green area as some locals actually refer to Crab Point being included in the green outlined area.

area map in Morehead City Crab
Aerial View And Map

This community in Morehead City NC is largely a middle class residential area to the Northwest of downtown and sits along the banks of the Newport River to the North and Crab Creek to the South.

This area is located in Carteret County

The community is made up of mostly older and established subdivisions, but the Blair Farm subdivision is relatively new.

The area is made up by a mixture of single family homes and farmland sitting along the banks of the Newport River.

Major Roads in this community and area consist of Country Club Rd which terminates at Blaire Point, 20th St, and Mayberry Loop Road.

This residential area is about a 5 minute drive to downtown, an 8 minute drive to the beaches of Bogue Banks, and 10 minute drive to Beaufort NC.

There are a few businesses in the community which consist of one convenience store, a restaurant, and 3-4 industrial type businesses.

Notable landmarks near Crab Point NC are Rotary Park, Big Rock Stadium (baseball), the Crab Creek nature trail, and the Newport River.


In this section, we ask that readers use the comment form below to ask questions and we will answer them, and we ask that locals answer the questions below.

What is the history of the community outlined in red on the map above?

What are some things to do on the Newport River as it relates to fishing, boating, kayaking, or canoeing?

What are some things to do along the banks of Crab Creek and it’s boardwalk nature trail?

What is the median price of homes in the area? For rentals?

Do you believe this community and farmland is at risk of heavy growth and development related to the Interstate 42 project which will require Carteret County, specifically in Morehead City, to have new homes?

What other tourism related attractions are in this area?

We know at Rotary Park there is a small play area for children, a walking path, soccer fields, and basketball courts, but what other attractions are there in this area?

As a local or real estate agent, what is one bit of advice you would give someone considering buying or renting a home in Crab Point?

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