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Croatan Sound NC Information On The Outer Banks

Where is the Croatan Sound located on the Outer Banks of Eastern NC? The Croatan is located between the Pamlico Sound to the south and Albemarle Sound to the north near the central part of the Outer Banks, and separates Roanoke Island from Manns Harbor near the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. It’s exact location is 35.874949, -75.712651 (Longitude and Latitude).

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As with all articles on our website, we’re deeply interested in Eastern NC tourism, and we’re encouraging past visitors and travelers who vacationed in this area to tell us about unique things to do and things to see on their past travels. Please use the no registration discussion form at the bottom of this page to tell us detailed information about recreational activities which take place on this body of water, recreational fishing opportunities, information on wildlife refuges, preserves, and state parks in the area, recommendations on motels, hotels, RV parks, and campgrounds in the area, what major roads, highways, and interstates serve the area, other lodging opportunities, historical landmarks, boating information, and anything else someone planning a family vacation might want to know about the Croatan Sound in NC.

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Location On The Outer Banks

Data and Demographics

  • Roughly 4.96 miles in width running from east (Manns Harbor) to west (Roanoke Island), and 10.31 miles in length running from north (Albemarle) to south (Pamlico).
  • Located at 35.874949, -75.712651 (Longitude and Latitude).
  • Surrounding cities and towns include Manns Harbor, Wanchese, Manteo, and Fort Raleigh City.
  • Surrounding wildlife refuges and nature preserves include the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge and the Roanoke Island Marshes Dedicated Nature Preserve.
  • Major landmarks include the William B Umstead Memorial Bridge, the Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge, the Dare County Regional Airport (MQI), and the North Carolina Aquarium At Roanoke Island.
  • Highway 64 crosses this waterway at 2 locations.
  • Located in Dare County NC.

Where This Sound Is Located And Things To Do And See

Again, please use the comment form located at the bottom of this page to contribute community maintained discussions around the following questions.

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Considering bird watching, photography, boating, recreational fishing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, tubing, and other sports, what are some other recreational activities people use this waterway for?

Considering the wildlife refuge which borders much of this local area, are there trails which allow someone to walk or hike the entire shoreline?

We understand Highway 64 connects the mainland with much of the outer island, what are some notable motels, hotels, RV parks, and campgrounds someone on vacation or visiting the area can utilize?

What are some notable historical landmarks?

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Since Eastern NC is known for it’s seafood, what restaurants do you recommend to those traveling to our state?

Is there any commercial fishing done on this body of water?

What types of marine mammals and shorebirds are typically found along this waterway’s shorelines and connected estuaries?

Are there any local tours which take people to remote locations and landmarks along this body of water?

What is some other information which we did not cover relating to the Croatan Sound in North Carolina along the Outer Banks which you want to discuss? Or, if you’re planning travel or a family vacation to this waterway, what questions do you have?

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