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Crystal Coast Beaches in NC – Visitors Guide Articles For Travel Destinations

If you are considering a vacation to the Crystal Coast beaches in NC, these visitors guide inspired articles could be a good starting point to get information about this southern Outer Banks region, things to see and do in the area, along with information about beach nourishment, wildlife in the area, and the culture of coastal Eastern NC.

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  • Bogue Banks Beach Nourishment After Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence dealt a significant impact to all of the Crystal Coast beaches from Emerald Isle to Atlantic Beach while equally affecting most aquaculture and wildlife in the area. Learn more about what efforts local communities and residents are doing to help recover and clean up the crown jewel of the southern Outer Banks.

  • Why Was Hurricane Florence So Strong And Do So Much Damage To The Local Environment And Beaches?

Hurricane Florence will go down as a historic storm for the Crystal Coast because of this storms path and slow forward movement which allowed for catastrophic damage to human habitat along with aquaculture and wildlife habitat. What can we learn about this storm to prepare the environment for next year’s hurricane season?

  • Human Encounters With Jellyfish Along The Coast Are Inevitable. Learn How To Avoid These Sea Creatures And Treat Any Stings

Most jellyfish along the NC coast are completely harmless and their presence is a great way for kids to learn more about aquatic life. But there are a few that are poisonous and can be problematic for adult and youth swimmers. Lets learn more. The one’s to be cautious about on the beaches are what we call the Portuguese Man O’War which you can do research on to see what this jellyfish looks like.

Area Attractions and Information

  • More On The Beautiful And Unspoiled Sand Dunes That Make Up The NC Coast And Southern Outer Banks

The main attraction to the NC coast and Southern Outer Banks is it’s pristine and unspoiled beaches making it the perfect family getaway for fun and relaxation. Even in the Summer months, it’s possible to get lost in most sand dunes on Bogue Banks in search of seashells, shark’s teeth, and shorebirds. This article will get you started.

  • Kitesurfing Is Becoming a Popular Sport In The Community. See It In Action.

In recent years, people have discovered kitesurfing (sometimes called kiteboarding) and we are seeing more and more of this sport along the NC beaches. It looks to be a great way to get exercise and enjoy the natural environment. Lets learn more here.

  • Latest Information On The Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority (TDA)

The NC coast and Southern Outer Banks is a significant tourism destination from people locally, regionally, and internationally. People come to our area beaches for it’s quiet and quaint scenery and ecosystem. But, this has to be balanced with good economic business development and this is where the TDA’s focus is. Learn more about this organization.

  • Visitors Public Advisory On Red Flag Rip Current Along The NC Coast and Southern Outer Banks

Do you know what it means to see a red flag flying on NC beaches? It means that dangerous rip current conditions exist for the most advanced swimmers. Please let this article help you learn more about this coastal phenomena and help save a life.

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2 thoughts on “Crystal Coast Beaches in NC – Visitors Guide Articles For Travel Destinations

  • December 1, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    I am a Crystal Coast visitor several times each summer and have been coming since around 2000. I love your home! I love the old fashioned small town feel and VERY quiet beaches where you can walk for hours and not see anyone else. Traffic is not bad, and most of the hotels and motels are family owned.

    This is a great guide if you are looking for things to do. If you are looking to travel to this area of NC the closest airport is in New Bern.

    • December 11, 2018 at 3:43 pm

      Visitors can expect a lot of changes over the next ten years given the Interstate 42 project.


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