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Crystal Coast NC Real Estate And Homes Information

While we are NOT a licensed real estate agency charged with the buying and selling of homes and other properties on the Crystal Coast of NC, we do have an interest in how people are finding properties in this coastal region.

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If you’re a potential buyer or seller looking for an investment or home within coastal NC, specifically in Carteret County, then we hope you will use our questionnaire below to tell us about your search either using Internet search engines, social media, or other sites.

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When talking about homes for sale, land for sale, and other real estate investments along the NC Crystal Coast, we’re specifically talking about areas from Swansboro, to Cedar Island, and north to Mill Creek. Most importantly, we’re interested in what search parameters you used to discover properties in this area, or what your most important features were when looking for properties in this region.

Local Real Estate Questionnaire

Please use the no registration form at the bottom of this document to respond to our local questionnaire, and be sure to subscribe to replies so you can be notified when someone interacts with your information.

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Number of Bedrooms

In looking for homes and other properties such as a condominium, was your social media or Internet search specifically geared towards the number of bedrooms the property has? If so, were you looking for a home which has one, two, three, or four bedrooms?

In your search, did you find national based websites first over individual realtor and agency websites?

Carteret County Guide

Number of Bathrooms

When searching the Internet and social media, was your focus centered on the number of bathrooms, be it one, two, or three? Was it important to you that the master bedroom had a full bath?

Did you find that local agency websites listed homes according to the number of bathrooms?

Square Feet

While the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is a consistent search parameter when looking at local areas, was the number of square feet an important parameter when buying a single family home, condominium, or other property?

Did local area agencies have this option to narrow your search when doing initial research of the local area?

Price Range

Certainly price range is important when attempting to get a mortgage, but was this parameter paramount to how you found listings on the Crystal Coast of NC? Secondary to the price range, what other parameter listed herein was important?

Continuing with price range, which municipality in the county had the most expensive versus least expensive listings in this region?

Morehead City Questionnaire

New Construction or Existing Home

As a potential buyer along the NC coast, was it important to you to find new construction or existing home when looking at potential investments, a second home, or primary property for your family?

In recent years, much emphasis is being placed on new construction versus existing due to explosive growth related to military expansion and Interstate 42.

Waterfront Properties

When doing research and initial searching, was it important to you to find a waterfront property, or one away from the water? If you wanted waterfront, was the price range a deciding factor in choosing another listings?

How easy was it on agency and realtor sites to focus your search on waterfront homes?

Garage And Yard Parameters

While research shows the size of a garage or having a fenced in yard is not high on the list of priorities when buying, we’re interested in knowing how far down your list of priorities the garage size, yard size, or having a fenced in yard was below square feet, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Did local listings sites have the option to filter based on garage and yard parameters?


Considering the 13 municipalities within the county, which area and location was most important to you when considering buying? Did you find that your primary home location search changed based on price?

What was your primary choice for location, and what area did you end up buying?

Other Parameters

For this section, we’re interested in hearing from buyers about other search parameters which were important deciding factors in buying and not listed above. Additionally, we’re interested in hearing from agencies that work with sellers if these parameters are part of your web design making it easier for potential buyers to make decisions.

These parameters can include whether a property is with a home owners association (HOA), located on a golf course, location to nearest shopping and schools, whether a home or condominium is located in a more rural setting or close to a business district, and whether a community is gated or has controlled access.

Cleaning Discussions

Considering explosive growth and development along our portion of the coast, including new subdivisions and new home construction, information is showing that county level home cleaning agencies are being utilized more frequently for people moving to the area and we’re interested in learning more about this as well.

If you’re a buyer of a property in this community, considering places like Newport, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and Morehead City, is this a service your family is interested in?

Economist looking at the local area continue to show that residential cleaning companies are highly sought after for coastal regions.

Morehead City Services


Considering information in this article, what are some questions and information you need about real estate and homes along the Crystal Coast of NC, while keeping in mind we are NOT a licensed real estate agency or realtor.

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