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Director Jim Browder – Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority. A Look At Growth And Expansion

On July 10, 2018 Director Jim Browder will officially take the helm at the Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority (TDA). Chairman Casey Wagner announced the news at the last board meeting after outgoing Director Carol Lohr announced her retirement.

Director Browder has over 10 years of experience in the tourism industry and has formerly served in sales and marketing for companies such as Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, The Pratt Hotel Group, Interstate Hotels and Resorts, and Benchmark Hospitality.

Latest News

The Carteret County Tourism Development Board Board of Directors held a two-day workshop on Tuesday, February 11th and 12th, 2020 to discuss strategic planning and to start thinking about goals and plans to expand tourism in to the county.

According to press information, this workshop has no agenda and discussions will center on developing long-term strategies as we face the pending population and economic growth from I-42.

We realize this is both an exciting time for the county, and also a scary time for some. Many are excited about new technologies and employment coming to the area, while others are concerned that our communities can’t handle a 50% increase in population with affecting the environment and what makes the Crystal Coast unique.

Regardless, I-42 is coming to Carteret County, and the best way to help shape the best possible outcome is to get involved with the TDA and help to craft a way to welcome new construction, technology, businesses, and expansion while making every effort to maintain our down home feeling, quiet and majestic beaches, and ecosystem.

We still welcome Director Jim Browder to reach out and comment.

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In his last position, the new director served as the general manager and executive director of Tamarack: Best of West Virginia.

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The director of the TDA promotes tourism in all Carteret County communities and works closely with other agencies to implement strategic planning for development and future expansion in the area.

Board member Julia Wax is quoted as saying “It was just immediately apparent he was the guy” during the monthly TDA meeting after the announcement. Mr. Browder was selected out of a pool of 80 prospective candidates.

As a resident of the Crystal Coast, visitor to the area, business owner, or someone with a vested interest in Carteret County communities, what do you want the new director to understand about tourism in Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Beaufort, areas down east, and in Salter Path/Indian Beach?

With the expansion of the Interstate 42 corridor, how do you see this affecting Carteret County communities? Will it be a positive or negative, and please state your case using the comment section below.

Should the Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority look at and develop for commercial airline flights out of the Beaufort Airport? What is the vision for the circle in Atlantic Beach?

What is the future for real estate development in the area?

What would you encourage Director Browder in the areas of business growth in Carteret County?

News and Information

This document was written well over a year ago, and we are encouraging readers to use the discussion form below to give us insights to how the county tourism officials are doing.

We still believe the biggest challenge the Crystal Coast TDA has is figuring out how to make the local area still attractive to those that love small, quaint, quiet and clean beaches in the face of the Interstate 42 project.

We certainly welcome Director Browder to contact us and tell us his thoughts on growth and development in Carteret County and what the direction officials are taking with the new interstate.

Michael Sharp

Native of Carteret County NC, Father to Makayla and Savannah. You can add me on Facebook. Interest include web development, encryption, and other technologies.

2 thoughts on “Director Jim Browder – Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority. A Look At Growth And Expansion

  • September 29, 2018 at 10:07 am

    The director has a tough job ahead of him. There seems to be a lot of people in the area who do not want to see tourism in Carteret County and along the Crystal Coast grow and a lot of people who do. These two forces working against each other will allow for nothing productive to come for either group. And, both have valid concerns.

    • September 29, 2018 at 10:29 am

      Those opposing forces have always been in the community and I am 50 years old. While I am sure there are small subsets of people who want zero growth and expansion and those that want wild, endless, unrestricted development, I think the majority here want responsible growth and new development that maintain our unspoiled beaches, quaint nature, and clean environment.

      There is no doubt that the huge draw to the Crystal Coast is that we still have beaches and waterways where you can get lost and enjoy peace and quiet. We have clean beaches and nurture natural ecosystems. That is my Carteret County, but even I understand that there needs to be responsible growth. It bothers me to no end to see local business close their doors in the winter instead of innovating and giving people in Charlotte, Raleigh, Goldsboro, Winston-Salem and Greensboro a reason to spend 2 days here every few weeks.

      This is a tough job but one Director Browder is likely going to be tasked with.


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