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Driving Front St in Beaufort NC. Seeing Taylors Creek, Shops, Bars, And Restaurants

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Front Street in Beaufort runs the entire length of the waterfront from the boathouse to the inlet just off Pivers Island and along Taylors Creek. Driving along this stretch of road gives someone the best of what this historic community has to offer. Those include many of the historic homes, Queens Ann’s Revenge, Clawsons Restaurant, the Dock House, Crystal Coast Lady tours, the Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve, many boat tours, town boardwalk, the Docks, Maritime Museum, Front St Grill and other quaint shops, bars and restaurants that make up this town.

Simply put, if you are coming to historic Beaufort NC, Front St is going to be a launching point to this community. Living on this street gives homeowners and renters a very unique perspective of the wild horses on Carrot Island and views of Taylors Creek.

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If you have not visited this area in awhile, it should be noted that paid parking enforcement is now a reality along many area of the waterfront which is certainly a source of contention for many in the town and across Carteret County.

If you are going to be taking a walking tour or ghost tour as part of your visit to the area, then this street is going to be part of your adventure. Also, many reenactments during the Beaufort Pirate Invasion happen here.

There are several pedestrian crosswalks in the downtown waterfront area to be mindful of when driving in the area.

Discussions and Comments

What are some of your favorite views along this stretch of road? What are the major intersections that intersect with this main main road?

What is your favorite establishment or attraction along Front St in Beaufort?



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News And Information

In December of 2019, the Spouter Inn and Restaurant burned and was a total loss. This Front St restaurant was a local area icon serving food to people visiting Beaufort NC for over 6 decades.

Spouter Inn Restaurant Beaufort NC
Burned in December 2019 near waterfront

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One thought on “Driving Front St in Beaufort NC. Seeing Taylors Creek, Shops, Bars, And Restaurants

  • October 17, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    I agree with this article’s assessment of the waterfront area in Beaufort. As a past vacationer, I have to say the Front St area of this community is full of quaint shops, restaurants, coastal themed art and exhibits. On the 2 days we were in the area we got to see many of the horses on the island that sits just across the water and enjoy the sailboats out on the water.

    There is great opportunities for live music and waterfront dining as well. But for us the old homes were the best. We will definitely be back to visit!


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