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East Carteret Bests West To Take 2018 Mullet Bucket 21-14

East Carteret High School Mariners are your 2018 Mullet Bucket winners after beating the Patriots at West Carteret 21-14 in this long standing football rivalry. This years game marks the 54th year the two teams have fought for the coveted trophy.

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“A huge rivalry between East and West, I was fortunate enough to play in it for my four years of high school and now I get to coach in it heading into my second year, looking for a different result from what we had last year and looking forward to the game.” – East Carteret Coach B.J. Frazier

“It’s huge, the rivalry is huge, It’s something that everybody, even if they don’t come to a football game all year, they will make sure that they come to this one. It’s one where the stadium will be absolutely packed out, standing room only, they will be three or four deep along the fence, it’s something that everybody gets up for.” – West Carteret Coach Daniel Barrow

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Discussions and Comments About The 2018 Mullet Bucket

We understand the game was very close going in to the last 30 seconds of the game. If you were there, use the comment form at the bottom to give us a play by play recall of what these final moments were like.

As an outgoing East Carteret High School senior, what does winning this football rivalry mean to you? If you are a fan of West Carteret, what is your plan for next years football game and efforts to take back the trophy?

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If anyone has pictures of the Mariners eating out of the old wooden bucket, please use our Contact Form to send some to use as we would love to see them and share them on this site.

Note: The writer of this article attended West in 1985 and 1986 and played in both years Mullet Bucket.

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One thought on “East Carteret Bests West To Take 2018 Mullet Bucket 21-14

  • November 4, 2018 at 8:34 am

    I grew up in Carteret County back when it was just East versus West, but now with Croatan in the picture is that High School part of the mullet bucket? If not, why?


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