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East Coast USA Sailing Locations Discussions

We want this page to be an ongoing community discussion related to sailing the East Coast USA between the Northeast and locations in the Caribbean and Bahamas.

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Specifically, we hope those who frequently make these travels will provide us and our readers with good advice, tips, safety information, good ports of call, best times to make this trip (or times not to), and any other information someone interested in sailing might like to know. Additionally, we hope those who are just getting interested in sailing along this route will use this page to ask detailed and specific questions.

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Our team of bloggers are located in a small town called Beaufort NC which is just south of the Pamlico Sound in Carteret County on the southern Outer Banks. This location is an established port of call and layover for those sailing the U.S. East Coast via the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), and we have a detailed interest in documenting tourism and travel information for the local area.

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To engage in conversations about the topic of this page, please use the comments form below and be sure to subscribe to replies so you can be notified via email when someone engages with your content. When commenting, please identify your home port, type and size vessel you use for sailing, and your experience level in travels to and from the Northeast and Caribbean.

Sailing Via The Atlantic Ocean And Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)

Considering the questions below that we want people to discuss, we realize all are based on what type and size boat you’re sailing, weather considerations, time of the year, experience level, and many other factors. All questions are related to your primary vessel.

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In general, how long does it take you to sail from your primary location in the Northeast, to areas near the Caribbean and Bahamas considering fair weather? What type and size is your boat?

Again, in general, what is the best or safest time of the year to make these travels?

Considering new or intermediate level, how many years of experience do you recommend before taking the Atlantic Ocean route versus the Intracoastal Waterway route? And we do realize this question will be based on size of boat, experience, and weather.

Outer Banks Tourism

East Coast Conversations

What are some good ports of call or layover areas when considering supplies and repairs? Or, for tourism and sightseeing? What’s your favorite and why?

Considering electronics for navigation, safety, or communications, what is the most basic electronics package you’d considering before traveling the East Coast in a sailboat?

Under all circumstances, is it always safest to travel via the eastern side of Florida when making this trip versus making a direct route to the Caribbean or Bahamas from the North Carolina or South Carolina coast?

Considering all states from Maine to Florida, what are some areas to be mindful of? We understand the waters from Cape Fear NC, to Cape Lookout, and Cape Hatteras NC are considerably notorious. Why?

Give us information on specific motel, hotel, and other lodging information when taking a layover.

What are some GPS coordinates to interesting places to see along this coastal route?

What is some other information about U.S. East Coast sailing that you want to discuss which we did not address in this article, or what questions do you have?

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