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Elizabeth City NC Near The Albemarle Sound And Pasquotank River

Elizabeth City NC is a mid-sized town in the northeast part of the eastern region not far from the Outer Banks and sits along the Pasquotank River which is connected to the larger Albemarle Sound.

This location has a decent sized airport which serves commercial traffic, and is a major thoroughfare for visitors and travelers vacationing on the Outer Banks.

For this article, please click the link title and use the discussion form to tell us about major attractions and interesting places to see which are open to the public. What are some must see museums, historical markers, festivals and fairs, and restaurants to visit?

What are some good cultural events to visit in Elizabeth City NC? What makes this NC town unique? Is this small city directly connected to the commercial fishing heritage due to the Pasquotank River and Albemarle Sound?

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