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Elliott Coues Trail At Fort Macon State Park – Nature Hiking In Atlantic Beach NC

Information on the Elliott Coues trail at Fort Macon State Park in Atlantic Beach NC and nature hiking on Bogue Banks. Please use the comment section at the end of this article to give us new information or to share your experiences about this trail on the Crystal Coast of NC.

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3.2 miles hiking

Length: 1.62 miles one way, or 3.24 miles round trip. The Elliott Coues trail extends from the fort area to the bathhouse at the west end of the park.

Difficulty: Moderate. Expect flat hard natural ground for parts of the hike, other parts expect slight inclines and soft sandy surface. In the summer, expect sweltering heat and thick humidity.

Hours of Operation: The fort area and bathhouse swimming area have different closing times, and both entrances have different closing times depending on the time of the year. It is best to contact park rangers to confirm closing times.

Directions: Forth Macon State Park is at the East end of Bogue Banks and Atlantic Beach on Hwy 58. The bathhouse swimming area is the first entrance to your right. The fort area continues past the Coast Guard Station and the trail entrance is immediately to your right once entering the parking area.

Historical Information

Elliott Coues Trail Discussions Near Fort Macon

More Information: If you love scenic beach routes for your exercise routine, then you will love the Elliott Coues trail. We see this as a moderate hiking trail because there are areas where you will really get your heart rate up on the soft sand dune sand. In addition to your exercise routine, this trail doubles as a perfect nature hike where you will encounter many shorebirds and the occasional deer. If you are enjoying this area with your family and have kids, the kids will LOVE exploring the unspoiled sand dunes where there are many untraveled areas containing intact seashells and shark’s teeth.

At several spots along your hike you will have great views of the very active Coast Guard Station that sits just before the fort entrance.

After your hike or run, there is a concession area with cold drinks at the bathhouse depending on the time of the year. At the bathhouse area there are also grilling areas where you can enjoy a healthy grilled dinner.

The Elliott Coues trail is also dog friendly, but Fort Macon rangers do enforce cleaning up after your pet.

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What makes this trail unique? Do you agree with our assessment of the moderate degree of difficulty?

What types of nature did you see on your hike? Which entrance would your recommend that visitors use prior to using the park?

Has anyone done research on who Mr. Coues is and why this hiking trail was named after him?

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    Link to nature trails in Atlantic Beach NC

  • November 7, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    This is a really park for families. You have the fort, museum, incredible beach fishing, protected and unspoiled sand dunes, and now this nature trail for people to exercise and walk.


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