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Emeline Place – Road In Morehead City NC – Homes And Subdivision Information

Emeline Place is a road in Morehead City and Carteret County located near the banks of Calico Creek and extends from N 20th Street to Mayberry Loop Road.

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Older neighborhood near the Calico estuary

Many of the single story middle class homes on this road have waterfront views of the Calico Creek, but no homes have boat docks because this estuary has no boat access due to the bridge over Calico Creek on N 20th street.

As you get closer to Mayberry Loop Rd, there is a subdivision called Greengate that has newer homes numbering around 30 which has their electrical grid underground. Other parts of this street have traditional older style light poles. Some of the homes in the Greengate subdivision do appear to have 2 stories.

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Streets that intersect with Emeline Place include: N 20th Street, South Yaupon, North Yaupon, Harrell Drive, Bradford Street, and Mayberry Loop Road.

Some areas near Yaupon and especially the area near N 20th Street can see road flooding during heavy rains, tropical storms, and hurricanes.

If you end up renting a home or looking for a home for sale in this neighborhood, then children will attend Morehead Primary School for grades kindergarten through 3rd grade, Morehead Elementary School for grades 4th through 5th grade, Morehead Middle School for grades 6th through 8th grade, and West Carteret High School for grades 9th through 12th grade.

Homes for sale in this neighborhood sale for around $164,000 depending on waterfront view.

If you are relocating to the area, please view our article on Carteret County real estate for an overview of communities in the county.

Emeline Place is about a 4 minute drive to downtown Morehead City NC, a 7 minute drive to the beaches of Atlantic Beach, and a 6 minute drive to Beaufort NC.

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There is one small convenience store just minutes from this road, but grocery stores, banking, retail stores, and other stores are only 4 minutes away on Arendell St and Bridges Street Extension.

All neighborhoods and the one subdivision on Emeline Place are located in the city limits so fire, EMS, and law enforcement is handled by the city.

This community is served by the only medical center in the area which is called Carteret Health Care.

Major landmarks along this street include Rotary Park, Big Rock Stadium (minor league baseball), and the Newport River.

This street is approximately .70 miles long and paved.


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