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Emerald Isle NC In Carteret County – Town Government, Travel, Information

Resident and visitor discussions and information for the Town of Emerald Isle NC in western Carteret County near Salter Path, Cape Carteret, Bogue Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean. Readers are encouraged to use the discussion form below to engage us and other readers in information contained in this article, along with submitting data not covered in this document. Additionally, we hope you will consider sharing this page on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so others planning travel and vacations to this town can learn more and ask questions.

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Information we hope to receive and get questions on relating to Emerald Isle NC can center around local news, events, town government, elections, ideas for family vacations, beach nourishment projects, mayor and board of commissioners meetings, growth and development in the town, infrastructure, and annual festivals and fairs. Furthermore, we’re interested in nearby bodies of water, landmarks, historical references, recreational activities, and other data and demographics about this Carteret County community.

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Town News And Updates

This section is maintained for news and updates about Emerald Isle NC which we learn about after publication. If you’re interested in submitting your own local news information, please use the comments form below and we will contact you.

Town Data And Demographics

This community in the western part of the county is one of five towns on Bogue Banks and is situated at the westernmost portion of the island. Bordering towns include Cape Carteret and Salter Path / Indian Beach. This community is located in the 252 area code and has a zip code of 28594.

The town operates under a council-manager form of government where residents elect a six member board of commissioners which includes a mayor, all who are responsible for adopting policies, procedures, goals, and laws for the community. Town departments include planning and inspection, police, fire, EMS, parks and recreation, and public works.

Emerald Isle NC is a thriving community with a good mixture of residential homes and commercial businesses centered around a bustling tourism industy. This community is a perennial favorite for people and families to vacation due to the area’s pristine beaches and sand dunes.

Significant landmarks include Bogue Banks Fishing Pier, Bogue Sound, the Atlantic Ocean, the point, the Emerald Isle bridge to Cape Carteret, Cedar Street Park, Emerald Isle Woods Park, Bogue Inlet, and the United States Coast Guard Station located at the western end of the island.

Major and minor highways and roads include Highway 58, Coast Guard Road, Ocean Drive, Sound Drive, Canal Drive, and Archers Creek Drive.

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Visitor And Resident Discussions

As a past visitor or resident of this town, what are some noted landmarks and historical markers in this community?

What makes this community unique when considering travel or a family vacation? What is unique about Emerald Isle’s beaches and environment?

How accessible are motels and hotels in this area? How accessible are shopping centers, retail stores, gas stations, and convenience stores?

What are some notable restaurants in the area that center on NC seafood?

What are some annual fair and festivals that take place in this community in Carteret County?

Considering Interstate 42, what does the future of town growth and development look like 15 years from today? What does the future of home ownership and prices of homes look like considering population growth from the interstate? What does population growth and development look like for Highway 58 and the bridge to Cape Carteret?

What are some notable campgrounds and RV parks in the community?

As someone affiliated with town government either as the mayor, board of commissioner, or key department individual, what are some significant goals, policies, procedures, and laws for Emerald Isle NC looking down the road and considering population growth from the new interstate and expansion at Camp Lejeune?

As a resident, what are some key issues that face this town when considering area beaches, sand dunes, wildlife habitats, home prices, traffic, and the environment?

What questions or information do you have about Emerald Isle NC in Carteret County which we did not address in this article?

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