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What Are Fall Months Like In Carteret County NC?

People who vacation and visit Carteret County NC beaches often ask what it’s like here in the Fall months after tourism season ends and everyone leaves. The answer is not much changes as the weather is still warm enough to lay on the beach or go out in boats, and businesses continue to stay open till late October and November.

The only real change we see is that weekday numbers are down compared to Summer.

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For the sake of this article, we intended the Fall months and discussions about Carteret County NC life after vacation season ends to focus on September, October, and November. Please use the comment section below to add information to this article, and to engage in conversations with us and other readers.

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Fall Season Is Still Active In Carteret NC

Statement: We realize many will disagree that November should be included in this season, but considering the Crystal Coast and Carteret climate, much of this time of the year can support vacation and travel visitors.

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Despite kids being back in school and Labor Day gone, September is still very much hot enough to lay on the beach, swim in the ocean and other waterways, and go out on the boat. Additionally, in September an overwhelming number of tourism related businesses are still open.

It’s very common for this month to continue to see weekend getaway type visits to the county, with the number of people visiting during the week tapering off as we move closer to the Winter months.


The month of October is much like September in that the county is still somewhat active with weekend related vacationers, and the weather still being warm enough to lay on the beach and go out on the boat. If you’re staying in Carteret County during this time, be sure to check out the NC Seafood Festival which takes place in early October.

The seafood festival is a celebration of the contribution local commercial fishermen and their families contributions to the local economy, and much of this festival is dedicated towards supporting charities.

Additionally, October is a month which sees a lot of fishing tournaments.


In the month of November, the county starts to see intermittent warm days and cold days. Some days will be warm enough to stroll the beaches and downtown waterfronts in Morehead City and Beaufort, but we can’t recommend this being a good month for laying on the beach or swimming in the ocean.

November is when we see most businesses who opt to stop doing business in the Winter close their doors until Spring.

November is also a month when many Fall fishing tournaments get underway in places like Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and Morehead City.

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If you live outside the area, and as Interstate 42 gets built, do you foresee visiting more because the drive time will be better?

What’s some other information which needs to be in this article about Carteret County Fall months which we didn’t include? How does this area compare and differ from other NC beaches for this time of the year?

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One thought on “What Are Fall Months Like In Carteret County NC?

  • November 2, 2021 at 6:44 am

    Late September is perfect for me because I don’t deal well with stifling heat and humidity, and I can do without the crowds. September still offers everything Summer offers, just with less crowds and heat.

    And I love the seafood festival.


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