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Fireworks In Carteret County NC – Where You Find Them

This article is a discussion on where locals and visitors can find town government fireworks displays in Carteret County NC on Independence Day, Memorial Day, and during other special events and festivals in Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and Beaufort.

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Our website is NOT affiliated with any municipal or county government, so information contained in this article is 2nd hand information and should be double checked. Additionally, readers are encouraged to check weather and official conditions such as burning bans which could cause an event’s fireworks being cancelled.

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9:00 pm for the Beaufort, Morehead City, and Atlantic Beach displays, other county locations such as Emerald Isle are likely at 9:00 pm as well.

Morehead City

In Morehead City NC, you’ll find fireworks on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and during the NC Seafood Festival. This display usually takes place from Sugarloaf Island just off the the waterfront in downtown. If you attend the Morehead City display, allow for ample time finding parking and plan for a good walk to the waterfront.

The best place to view is along Jaycee Park and the public access docks in that area.

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Atlantic Beach

In Atlantic Beach NC, there is always a Forth of July fireworks display which takes place at the same time as the Morehead City display. This event usually takes place from the beach near the circle and you can expect very heavy traffic before and after this event.

In years past, there was a Memorial Day event, but in the past few years there hasn’t been one.

Atlantic Beach officials sometimes have displays during the beach music festival.

Emerald Isle

In Emerald Isle NC, they do have a Fourth of July event, but none on Memorial Day that we know of. Additionally, some years there was a display during the nighttime hours of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival.

Other than the Independence Day display, we know of no others in Emerald Isle.


Local Area Festivals

In Beaufort NC, there is a Fourth of July event which is at the same time as the Atlantic Beach and Morehead City display. In years past, there were displays that happened at night during the Pirate Invasion and Beaufort Music Festival.


Be sure to check this page during holiday events and special events as we will be updating times when each event happens, and when special events are going to shoot fireworks off as a part of their celebrations.

Where is the best place to see them? In our opinion, being in a boat of Bogue Sound where you can watch the Morehead City and Atlantic Beach display at the same time is the best play to enjoy these celebrations without any traffic before and after. But, the Beaufort and Emerald Isle locations offer good viewing without a lot of traffic if you do not have access to a boat.

As in 2021, officials will abruptly cancel scheduled events when there is a Carteret County NC burning ban in place because of very dry weather.

Using the no registration discussion form below, tell us your experiences at either of the above locations, and be sure to correct us for any events or times that we missed.

Again, be sure to check back during the May, June, and July events for times and schedules, along with any celebrations taking place during the NC Seafood Festival, Beaufort Music Festival and Pirate Invasion, county beach music festivals, the Emerald Isle St. Patrick’s Day Festival, or Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.

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