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First Rung Foundation And Carteret Community College Team Up To Provide Business Loans To Startups And Entrepreneurs

September 2021

If you’re a young entrepreneur interested in starting a new business in Carteret County NC, then you may be interested to learn the local community college (CCC) and the First Rung Foundation is in partnership to help you get your corporation off the ground.

As outlined in the announcement of this partnership, the small business center at the community college is offering low interest micro-loans up to $10,000 to help entrepreneurs with space, inventory, equipment, advertising, marketing and technology related to their startup.

To qualify, interested parties must take the CCC Small Business Academy and money management basics course, meet with the small business center director for business counseling and complete or update a business plan.

Behind the First Rung Foundation, Walt Sliva and Laura Benson believe their foundation’s collaboration with the Carteret Community College’s small business center is the perfect way to boost self-sustaining and thriving corporations who will call the county home.

Furthermore, we’re particularly happy to hear these loans will help with marketing which we believe is crucial in the age of the Internet to master, especially as the county grows and becomes attractive to large corporations based elsewhere who have the opportunity to invest millions in Internet marketing, good Search Engine Optimization (SEO), interactive e-commerce web design, and use of social media.

We believe local corporations who pay close attention to these technologies will fare much better in gaining the attention of consumers than those who neglect using Internet technologies.

Lastly, we’d be interested in hearing more from Laura Benson and Walt Sliva about their foundation’s mission.

To learn more, call 252-222-6123 or email [email protected]

Michael Sharp

Native of Carteret County NC, Father to Makayla and Savannah. You can add me on Facebook. Interest include web development, encryption, and other technologies.

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