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For Sale Used SUVs And Trucks In Jacksonville NC Discussions

Where can I find used SUV, truck, and crossover listings online in Jacksonville NC? This website list trucks and SUVs we have in our inventory, along with listings residents in Jacksonville NC opt to list on this free site.

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To add your truck or SUV to this site, simply use the CONTACT US form in the menu above to make contact with us and when sending the form, indicate that you want to sell a vehicle. We will reply within a few minutes and have you send pictures, VIN number, how many miles the vehicle has on it, make and model information, year, color, features, and whether it has any body damage and interior damage.

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Your free listing stays active until you email us from the same email address and tell us to delete it. Are you searching for a vehicle and want to list what you’re looking for? Good, because we cater to both sellers and buyers. To request a certain make or model vehicle, use the no registration form below and tell the community exactly what you want, then sellers can check this section to see if they already have a potential buyer.

Yep, We Do Local Cars Too

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Jacksonville NC For Sale SUV And Truck Online

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Our current inventory has Ford, Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet, and RAM trucks, along with SUV and crossover models from Kia, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Buick, Jeep, and Chevrolet. We also buy vehicles (See Below).

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Carteret County NC Vehicles

More categories will be added to this database as we receive different makes and models, or when Jacksonville NC readers add listings to this page. Sellers, please remember to review the section at the bottom of this page before adding vehicles to this online database.

We Buy Used Vehicles

Who Pays Cash For Used?

In addition to maintaining our own inventory of used trucks, SUVS, and crossovers, and allowing the Jacksonville NC public to sell their for sale by owner vehicles, we also buy quality automobiles.

Typically we look for makes and models with 140,000 miles or less, year 2009 or newer, one’s with minimal body damage and interior damage, and one’s which are fully paid off. This level of quality allows us to pay higher money for used vehicles. However, there are exceptions to these standards, so we ask the public to send us what they have. When contacting us, please send us a VIN number, mileage, and statement on body and interior damage.

To send us information on a used SUV or truck you want to sell today, use the CONTACT US form in the menu and we’ll get in touch with you quickly.

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  • December 7, 2021 at 11:26 am

    I am subscribed and looking for a used Hyundai or Toyota as least 2012 or newer for my daughter. 150K miles or fewer only please.


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