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What Are Some Good Reasons To Live At The Crystal Coast In Carteret County NC?

If it is time for a change and you are considering moving to the Crystal Coast near Carteret County NC then we are going to cover some good reasons why you, or your family, should consider the Eastern NC beaches.

Please consider this a live document as we want locals and those considering relocation to the local area to have input and ask questions using the discussion form below.

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Relocation News Information

This section is reserved for news and information about the local area as it relates to things happening after this article is published. Our hope for this section is to add new information and incentives to families considering moving to the county.

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Incentives To Move To The Local Area

An Emerging Community And Economy

The start of 2020 brings exciting new things for Eastern NC and the area continues to see construction of what will be the new Interstate 42 that travels from Carteret County to the triad region allowing for faster and easier access to both areas.

One of the main issues for this area of the coast is that we are very much isolated with an antiquated highway traveling through many small towns with no bypass. That will be changing as we near completion of the Havelock bypass and the NCDOT finalizing plans for the New Bern area and Kinston.

Once Interstate 42 is alive, the travel time between the triad and Crystal Coast beaches should be around 2 hours allowing for easy transit, new business opportunities, and productive growth, development, and expansion.

But there is another issue here that I think is important to point out. Places like Morehead City, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, and Atlantic Beach are somewhat behind the times, and that is not meant as a negative thing. It is actually important to the area culture to maintain quiet, secluded, and clean beaches without all the bells and whistles.

Kayaking Adventures

I see this as an opportunity for investors, innovators, and business minded people to get in on the ground floor and to develop new businesses and ideas using proven and productive business models and newer technologies.

In a nutshell, many technologies and business services that people enjoy in places like Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Winston-Salem are just waiting to be put in place here. And, the development of the new interstate system will allow for technology connectivity to support all that.

Local Schools

For families looking at moving to the Crystal Coast in Carteret County NC, the desire for good schools is important. And the good news is, our school system is ranked at the very top in the state in most areas of education, with several areas ranking at the very top.

Expansion Of The Military

Here in Eastern NC, we have the honor to support our local military because we are a community that is surrounded by two important military bases, those being Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, and Cherry Point.

These two installations are seeing tremendous growth and development in the areas of technology which will require a significant workforce to meet the demands especially in the area of technology and aerospace.

If you are looking at employment with the federal government, this will be a good incentive for you.

Temperate Climate

Eastern NC is an interesting area weather wise. It is often said that if you don’t like the weather here, just give it a few hours. As I write this article, it is January 16th, 2020 and the temperature outside is 67 degrees.

The Crystal Coast beaches offer a very temperate climate. In the summer, we have ocean trade winds which help to cool the area and in the winter it is very rare to see snowfall or bitter cold weather. I think this is perfect for business opportunities because it is very common to see people in the triad coming to the beaches for the weekend in January.

Low Crime Rate

While there is no city or town in America that is free of crime, our level of crime is definitely at the low end and our law enforcement assures residents that it will remain that way. I think this is an important incentive for families looking at relocation to our local area.

Welcoming Business Atmosphere

The Crystal Coast and Carteret County have always been a tourism area that welcomes people who come to vacation on our clean and quiet beaches, to see our numerous easily accessible barrier islands, to experience our vast marine ecosystems, and to enjoy our southern hospitality.

Our tourism framework is very ready to talk with investors, innovators, developers, and business leaders about good economic growth and expansion in an emerging area set to see meet a growing population while maintaining our unique coastline in tandem with a proven robust business environment.

It’s The Beach

So, you probably saw that coming right? But it’s true, living at the beach is an incredible experience and our county has the best of both worlds. We have that old town, close-knit community, southern living, quaint and clean beaches feel. Our waterways are very important to us as it supports commercial fishing and recreation – two livelihoods that will always be a part of who we are.

Our beaches and barrier islands are world class. They offer the chance to see wild horses walking on the beaches, beautiful lighthouses watching over our waters, rolling sand dunes full of vegetation and marine wildlife, and seemingly endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation in the sun.

The Outer Banks is a short ferry or boat ride away if you have the need to get further lost in remote island scenery.

The NC coast offers incredible adventures for young families. We have world-class inshore and offshore fishing, hundreds of historical shipwrecks along the coast for diving, and open waters everywhere for boating.

And, we have beaches where you can still sit on the beach at night and watch for shooting stars without a lot of light pollution.

All this, and a business and workforce environment set to explode offering someone new to the area the chance to put it all in place? I say let’s move!

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Using the discussion form below, talk to us about the local area. Talk to us about the local culture, top rated schools, how the new interstate is set to transform the area while still maintaining the current down home feel, and talk to us about housing and other things someone might consider when moving to Carteret County and the Crystal Coast in North Carolina.

Michael Sharp

Native of Carteret County NC, Father to Makayla and Savannah. You can add me on Facebook. Interest include web development, encryption, and other technologies.

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