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Grayden Paul Bridge in Beaufort NC (Closed, But Historical). Will It Be Dismantled, Become A Park, Or Both?

Information on the now closed Grayden Paul drawbridge in Beaufort NC and Carteret County continues below the video.

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Fun Facts

  •  Built in 1957, was part of Hwy 70.
  • Replaced by the new Gallants Channel bridge which is a fixed twin span bridge.
  • Closed in the Summer of 2018.
  • Construction:  bascule-type bridge.
  • Handled an estimated 17,000 cars a day for over 50 years.
  • Was prone to getting stuck in the open position on it’s scheduled opening each hour to let boat traffic through via Gallants Channel.
  • Named after the late Grayden Muir Paul who died in 1994 and was a former “town historian”, mayor of Beaufort, and served on the school board. Mr. Paul also started the Beaufort Historical Association and owned a business giving tours of Beaufort.
  • The drawbridge, overseen by Grayden Paul’s children, will now be turned in to a public park after being dismantled to celebrate the history of this quaint Eastern NC town.

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Discussions and Comments

Tell us about your earliest experiences as a child crossing this drawbridge and how you feel about it’s closure. Clearly, the closing of the Grayden Paul Drawbridge in Beaufort NC signifies growth and expansion in to the area which we realize is a source of contention for many who feel that what makes this area so popular is it’s ‘old time’ feel.

Carteret County NC History
What would you like to see at the new park that will celebrate the life and contribution of Mr. Paul and his family to the roots of the Olde Town?

How do you feel about the I-42 corridor that the new bridge will be dedicated to?

Would you like to see a non-profit setup and historical reference applied to keeping this bridge structure in place (locked in the open position) instead of being dismantled?

growth and expansion by the NCDOT

Information on the new Gallants Channel bridge.

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One thought on “Grayden Paul Bridge in Beaufort NC (Closed, But Historical). Will It Be Dismantled, Become A Park, Or Both?

  • November 18, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    On the weekend of November 17 and 18 in 2018 there was a crane attached to the old drawbridge which to me suggests that it is indeed being dismantled. It is an end to an era.


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