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Great Crystal Coast NC Sunset Views From Bogue Banks

Where on the Crystal Coast NC and Bogue Banks communities of Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle can you see brilliant sunset views in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall months? Well, in this article, we are going to suggest some good locations to do just that, but we hope that you will use the comment form at the bottom to give us other locations to see the enigmatic sunsets we experience here in coastal Eastern NC.

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Emerald Isle NC

At the westernmost end of Bogue Banks in Emerald Isle is a strip of land called the point which is a large sandy area where the island ends, and where the sound meets the ocean. Not only is it a great place to walk and take pictures, it is also offers some spectacular view of sunsets. Once in Emerald Isle, take Coast Guard Rd to near the very end, park in the public parking area, then go to the last street and take a right. You will see the entrance to the point there.

Also, if you are in a boat on the sound in the evening, Back Channel, which borders the point, is also a good location.

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Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier is another good location to see this view as it offers an unimpeded sight of the ocean without any sand dunes or homes possibly hindering the view. The entrance to this pier is on Highway 58 in the heart of Emerald Isle.

Atlantic Beach NC

In Atlantic Beach, another really good place to see the famous Crystal Coast sunset view is out on Oceanana Pier. The entrance to this establishment is on Fort Macon Rd.

While all of the suggestions we just gave are good spots, they offer a view from near ground level. But, if you go to Fort Macon State Park near where the picnic tables are, then go up in the sand dunes, you will see a dune that has a lot of height. At the peak of that dune is an incredible view of not only Cape Lookout and our area beaches, but in my opinion it is the best place to see the rich pink, yellow and red colors of our sunsets.

The entrance to Fort Macon State Park is at the easternmost portion of Atlantic Beach.

If you are lucky enough to have a boat, or have a friend with one, being out on the sound will also give you a really good vantage point.

So, using the comment section below, what are some locations we missed?

Lastly, if you are visiting the Crystal Coast and get any really good pictures or video and want to share them with this site (with credit), then we will be happy to include them in this article.

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