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Great Island Cabin Camp Accommodations, Cost, And Availability

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Discussions and questions centered on the Great Island cabins located on the south core banks of Cape Lookout in North Carolina.

Under this discussion section, we want to know information about the rates or cost to rent one of these cabins by the night, weekend, or week, and the cost to do so during the summer months versus late fall and winter months.

How many cabins are there within this camp? How far is the caretakers office from where ferry boats drop passengers off?

Do all the cabins at Great Island have air conditioning (AC), electricity, and gas for cooking and heating? What about running water? How many square feet? What types of bedding?

Is there a bathhouse on premises, or does each cabin have private showers?

What types of supplies are recommended when considering linens, food, and other supplies?

Is the main beach at the Great Island Cabin Camp within walking distance and are all roads sandy beach requiring an ATV?

What are your recommendations when setting a reservation for a future date during the summer versus fall months? What is the cancellation policy set by the U.S. National Parks at Great Island?

How are cancellations handled when the cabins are closed during tropical storms and hurricanes?

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