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Hamlet NC Home Renovation, Repairs, And Remodeling Services

In this article, I want to tell you why I chose Martin’s Remodeling & Construction LLC (910-205-8500) after my mother experienced catastrophic damage to her home in Hamlet NC and needed extensive repairs, renovation, and other services to get her home back in shape.

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After a heavy rain and considerable flooding in 2020, several large trees fell on my mother’s home and the home had water damage not only from the flooding, but from rain seeping through the roof. After a thorough assessment by an appraiser, it was determined that she needed a new roof, the walls completely torn out and replaced, new flooring, new windows, and several additions to the home repaired including a deck off the back of the house, a work shed foundation repaired, and the fence surrounding her back yard repaired.

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After dealing with her insurance company and securing the money to do all the work, we decided on complete renovation and remodeling and it was time to seek out a contractor in Hamlet NC. I certainly wanted to choose a contractor that was fully insured and registered in North Carolina, so that was a must. After doing serious research on the Internet, I began calling local contractors and other companies in the surrounding area to inquire about getting these services done. I started my search for a company late Friday.

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Local Contractor Begins Work On The Home

Much to my surprise, I was contacted by Candy Martin after hours around 8 p.m. and she was able to come to my mother’s home on Saturday (the next day) to do an inspection and to give me her professional opinion on what needed to happen to complete the work. Keep in mind, I never expected a local contractor to contact me after hours, or on the weekend, so this was a pleasant surprise and certainly one of the main reasons why I chose her company.

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Continuing, Candy was able to have a full work crew at the site by Wednesday following that weekend ready to begin the work of tearing the walls and flooring out as it was decided this would be the best place to start. Since her company only does roof work if they are doing an addition to a house, she was able to work with other local roofing companies to start on the roof while her crews began doing the walls and floors.

While her work crews were tearing out the walls and flooring, Candy worked with my sister on choosing what type of modern flooring to lay down after repairs were done.

After this work was done, the windows were the next logical step so she worked with me on choosing a quality window that has a good price which is important for Eastern NC communities that see a lot of bad weather from hurricanes and tropical storms.

After installing new windows and repairing windows that could be salvaged, her work crews began work on remodeling and renovating the outside deck and other additions to the home, and then put in a new fence in the backyard. The last step was repairing the foundation to an outside work shed and putting siding on it and siding on the home.

From start to finish, the new flooring, new walls, laying floor covering, fencing, foundation repair, siding, everything was just under one month. Her work crews showed up daily, were professional, and Candy worked flawlessly with other Hamlet NC contractors to do work her company does not do.

After 2 months of this work being completed, I brought her back in to convert a car garage in to a living room and this new addition only took a week and half to renovate.

Now keep in mind, I live in Coastal NC near Carteret County and we unfortunately have to deal with home services routinely after each hurricane and tropical storm that rolls through the area, so I know about how long it takes for a local contractor to complete this work and the many hassles that take place during this process. So, all of this remodeling and renovation work, along with the repairs only taking a month, I can’t begin to encourage and recommend Martin’s Remodeling & Construction LLC (910-205-8500) for any extensive and minor work you need done to your home locally.

Thanks again Candy!

This company is located at 302 Palm St, Hamlet NC 28345 and in addition to the phone number above, they can be reached by FAX at 910-205-8555.

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