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Hibbs Road Information In Newport NC And Carteret County

Community maintained questions and information about Hibbs Road in Newport NC and Carteret County. This road connects Highway 24 and Highway 70. Readers are encouraged to use the no registration discussion form at the bottom to introduce new data to this document, and to have ongoing discussions with us and other readers. Additionally, we hope you will share this article with others on the popular social media sites so others can join the conversation.

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Information we hope to receive can relate to traffic, automobile accidents and wrecks, road closure by the NCDOT, other construction, power outages along this route, traffic lights not working, and other information about this Carteret County roadway.

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Public News

This section maintained for the addition of new data we receive after publication as it relates to Hibbs Road in Newport NC.

October 27: Reports indicating this road will be closed due to repaving efforts by NCDOT. We have no information how long the closure will last, or if crews will be allow traffic in either direction via one lane.

October 7: Newport Police had to direct traffic along Highway 70 after the traffic signals lost power after a wreck in the area that involved the downing of a utility pole during the wreck. Local town utility companies also responded to this incident.

Demographics And Data, Closures And Accidents, And Traffic Information

This two lane road is roughly 3.71 miles long and runs between Highway 24 and Highway 70 through mostly residential neighborhoods in Newport NC. The speed limit is between 45 mph and 55 mph along the route. While mostly residential, there are some businesses and organizations in the area to include a gas station and convenience store at the intersection of Highway 24 and Hibbs Road.

The Coastal Regional Solid Waste site (“the dump” or landfill) is along this route and closer to Highway 70.

NCDOT selected this road for a proposed extension that will be a future bridge over to Bogue Banks, but this proposal (in 2020) is far from being decided.

Intersections include Route 154, Landfill Rd, Dusty Trail, K7 Lane, White Oak Dr, Coast Haven Road, James Drive, Eagle Rd, Kelly Lane, and Old Swansboro Rd.

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What commercial businesses are along this road? What churches and organizations are along this route?

What are your thoughts on this road being a proposed extension for a third bridge over Bogue Sound? How will this affect traffic and automobile accidents which are common in this area?

Is this road frequently closed because of construction work by the NCDOT, or when there are forest fires in the nearby Croatan National Forest?

What are some cautions to remember when pulling in to, or out of the county dump (Coastal Regional Solid Waste site)?

When considering the N.C. Highway Patrol, Carteret County Sheriff’s Department, and Newport Police Department, which law enforcement agencies typically patrol this route and respond to accidents and wrecks?

Are all smaller roads that intersect paved roads or dirt?

Is this route a significant flooding risk during heavy rains associated with hurricanes and tropical storms? Are there any nearby bodies of water that flood and then make this route impassable?

What questions do you have about Hibbs Road in Newport NC, or what information about this route can you offer?


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